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Recently I have received several notification emails saying "-- just viewed your profile", but when I look to see who's viewed me, there are no results matching the indicated name or even date. I've also gotten emotigram notifications that when I log on to view say "unavailable sent you an emotigram". Is this a being blocked feature or a site glitch or something else?

Jul 30th 2014 new
Hi Amanda,
The scenarios you mention are most often (though not always) due to a new account that had been created by someone whose intent was to spam/scam the members here on CM. Often times the CM staff and or moderators notice the behavior and have the accounts looked into and cancelled if the above is found to be true.

While the staff and CM try to stay on top of such things - often times it is also through the help of the members here reporting such suspicious activity, that helps the staff find and resolve any possible issues in an expedient manner.

While the above may be the pessimist in me as to the source of the situation, the optimist in me would also like to mention it may very well be that a well meaning member decided to cancel there membership for one of various reasons and as such doing so would result in the same situation you may be encountering.
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