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Aug 20th 2014 new


I say go for it, but do not keep it a secret too long, it might work ! Personal story-one of my sisters had a guy leave flowers and a note in her car on their last day of work (seasonal job-lay off) She freaked because she did not know a co-worker gave him the keys. We still laugh about it as they have been married twenty years and have two children. Maybe you should leave them on the windshield with a note!

Aug 20th 2014 new
Thanks, Kristin. Unfortunately I don't know what car she drives. I'd make a terrible stalker!!! wink I'm glad you shared the story! Hope remains eternal! biggrin
Aug 20th 2014 new
(quote) Russ-959222 said: Lovely profile picture Carolina!

I hope that doesn't make me sound like a stalker...

Thank you!
Aug 21st 2014 new
It is creepy and would scare me. If you are interested in a lady you should get to know her and see if there is mutual interest. If she isn't interested anonymous flowers won't help.
Aug 21st 2014 new
(quote) Anthony-851099 said: You have all given me so much to ponder, and I'm glad I posed the question! The lady of my admiration is a teacher, so I will give her a little time to get back into the swing of things. Then I shall send something to her...signed or unsigned is yet to be determined!

God bless!
Why wait, Anthony? Ya never know how circumstances in her life can change from day to day and she might not be available next month. She is free and happy right now so I suggest you go for it. I am a teacher and I csan assure you that the beginning of the school year is not a great time for us. Many teachers have lots of planning, little time and are stressed out in September. Some who work for large urban school systems also become depressed when getting back to work.
Aug 21st 2014 new

If you want to send flowers around the beginning of the school year, you could enclose a SIGNED note wishing her all the best for the new term. She'll think what a thoughtful guy you are.

If you decide to send something else and not sign it...only do it once. Once, and she'll think, "How nice. Someone thought of me!" Twice, she will worry. Three times, she'll call the cops.

Aug 21st 2014 new
(quote) Virginia-182942 said: You've got more than one?
I feel gypped.
Virginia I've never stalked anyone before, but if you send me your address...
Aug 21st 2014 new
What a fun question, Anthony! I think I would love it. Seems like a fun, romantic way to prepare the way for his pursuit. But I wouldn't want it to be too long before the guy reveals himself as the sender. I love it when a man makes his intentions clear and takes the risk of asking a woman out...shows a very attractive manly courage!
Aug 21st 2014 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said: Virginia I've never stalked anyone before, but if you send me your address...
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