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         It all started during my weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I told Jesus that if He wanted me to remain single the rest of my life, that is what I would do, but I said you know, Jesus, I am kind of lonely, what do you think? And He said join a Catholic singles internet site. So, when I got home, I did a search for Catholic singles sites, St. Raphael popped up, and I decided to enter my profile. That same evening, Larry, who had been a member but had not been online for a while, decided to do a search on St. Raphael, found my profile, and sent me a message saying "Same age, same town – let's meet." This required me to make a decision whether or not to join St. Raphael so I could answer the message, but I decided to join.
         Our first date was that Saturday, and lasted 8 hours, while we spent the whole afternoon just talking. We saw each other weekly, and also did Adoration together, and spent many hours talking and building a great friendship, since neither of us was looking for marriage, just companionship. But then it happened. The Holy Spirit stepped in and gave us both such strong feelings for each other that we knew — because of the strong love we both have for Jesus and Mary and the Catholic Church and the primary desire to please Jesus, become closer to God, and work our way into Heaven — we were meant to spend the rest of our lives with each other. We have so many things in common, have the best times together, and are true soulmates. We inspire each other to grow closer to God, and there is no limit as to what we will accomplish. And to think we lived only 15 minutes from each other, but because we belonged to different parishes, we never would have met had it not been for St. Raphael! We are so blessed to have finally found the right person to spend the rest of our lives with, totally in love, and growing closer to God. We know that Jesus brought us together through the St. Raphael site, and we thank God constantly for that. We really both did not join this site to find someone to marry, but – it happened!!!

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