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"He then got down on one knee and proposed!"

On September 8th of last year, I browsed Dave's profile on Within 15 minutes, he IMed me. We started talking and hit it off immediately conversing every night for several hours. Much to my pleasant surprise, a week later he had a dozen roses delivered to my work. Sensing our relationship was deepening, we decide to finally meet in person on Halloween. When that moment arrived and we saw each other in real life for the first time, we both knew that something very special was there. On November 1st we began to date exclusively. Complicating our relationship was the fact that he lived in Georgia, and that this would be a long-distance relationship. But we knew that our faith and love would keep us together. Despite being able to only see each other about once every 3 weeks our relationship has blossomed. On Saturday, March 6th, Dave and his family came down to visit because he had a job interview. He insisted that we get dressed up and go out to eat. I could tell he was nervous and not acting like his normal self. After ordering our drinks he excused himself to 'use the restroom'. After we finished our meal, the waitress brought the bill and said "And tonight we have another special, complementary of the gentleman here". She then handed the ring to Dave, which he had given her when he 'had to use the restroom'. He then got down on one knee and proposed! He has since moved to Gainesville to start his new job and also so we could be closer to one another.

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