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Erika and I (Michael) started exchanging e-mails and chatting on Yahoo
about six months ago. Early in 2005, I visited her in her home country
of Peru, and had a fantastic time. It only took us about two days in
Peru to fall in love, and it appears we are very compatible.

and I both have strong family values. We already have plans for her to
visit San Antonio in late May/early June, and for me to return to Lima
in December. In the spring of 2006 I have tentative plans to move to
Peru, start a master´s degree program at one of the universities in
Lima, and we are considering getting married that June on the day of
the Sacred Heart Feast. I also am likely to work as either a
meteorologist or a teacher, or both, after I move.

The only
problem will be moving my cat Spot to Peru. If customs doesn´t allow
it, I probably will have to give him to my father or something. But
Erika also has a cat named Sumaq, and she and I became fast friends :)
No matter what, going to Mass and praying will be an important part of
our lives, and I consider that a good thing.

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