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As Patrick and I sit here and reminisce on how our relationship came
to be, we thank God for bringing us together. Patrick and I have been
in a relationship for two months now. They have been two of the most
wonderful months we could have ever hoped to experience.

We first encountered each other on August, when I ran across his
profile, sending him an e-mail, eager to get to know more about this
"perfect man." We had both become full members the very week that we
spoke the first time. After quickly exchanging numbers we began a
series of long two to three hour conversations that have continued
everyday since. Coincidentally I had Fall Break the same time he had
planned to attend a wedding in Atlanta, so we arranged to meet each
other for the first time. We had the best time together, it exceeded
our expectations and we felt our relationship grow very quickly. We met
again two weeks later for the Marine Corps 230th Birthday Ball. Once
again, each others' presence was like home and we did not want to say
goodbye when the weekend had ended. He plans to come here for
Thanksgiving to meet my family. Though we have only known each other
for a short amount of time, our feelings seem as if they have been
present for years and we cannot imagine life without each other. Any
chance we get we speak on the phone. We joke with each other so
naturally and get along well. One of the things that is so great about
our relationship is the way that we share our deep Faith and love for
Christ. We cultivate this through rosaries over the phone and nightly
prayers. So far each day that passes has been better because we are
together. Stay tuned for future updates.

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