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Pat and I (Robert) discovered each other on Catholic Match around a
year ago. Both of us marked in your profiles that we are looking for
someone within thirty miles–it turned out slightly over 3,000!

met for the first time in March. I came out for a week, actually saw my
first blizzard that week, which is quite a change from Sunny Warm
Southern CA. One of the things that really touched me about Pat was her
posts in the forums, I saw a couple of posts that she was consoling the
grieving (she is a widow of eight years).t I then read most of her
other posts and was touched by her happy memories and wonderful heart.

moved my daughter and I to Medway MA in June, and we are now calling
Medway home. Since then I have been stuck in the snow a few times,
become part of Pat's family and we are looking forward to July ‘06 to

Pray, be thankful, and rejoice in God's Blessings for you.

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