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I (Thomas) had been looking for a Traditional Catholic women for quite
some time that shared my principles on the Catholic Faith. It took
quite a while with much browsing, searching and corresponding.
I first saw Dominique's profile in May of 2005. I sent her an email at that time. She eventually replied a few weeks later.

Our emails became more frequent as 2005 went on. I could see Dominique
cared for me like others had not. She lived in the Phillippines, but I
knew I had to travel across the Pacific Ocean to visit her. By that
time I started to talk to her on the phone and our relationship grew
even more.

I finally visited her during the latter half of May
2006. We got along tremendously like I knew that we would. We attended
the Latin Tridentine Mass and received Holy Communion each day. At the
end of the trip I gave her an engagement ring. We plan to be married
here in the U.S. once the fiance visa process is completed, and she can
come here to the U.S.

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  1. Helen-869828 October 19, 2012

    Congratulations Thomas and Dominique. May God bless your relationship.

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