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Maria and I met online through Catholic Match in November 2007, and in person in June 2008. It was clearly love at first sight. She has since told me she was captivated by my picture. Coincidently, we were both captivated by our pictures on CM. I remember saying to myself: “Wow – she’d never be interested in me!” Much to my surprise, she was, and we began writing.

Among the amazing number of things we found we had in common, was the ‘searching for someone’ frustration we’d both experienced until we found each other. I’d been on CM for a number of months, off and on, and so had Valentina. We’d both met several very nice people, but nothing clicked. Both of us were about to give up, when we found each other. We were both looking for someone deeply spiritual, believing a common faith-based relationship provides the strongest foundation. Shortly thereafter we were talking, and then we met in person last June. I was living in Madison, Alabama at the time, and she was in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. After we met that weekend, I began making inquiries into transferring to Florida. I knew as soon as we met, we were perfect for each other.

I’m now living and working in Orlando, FL. The wedding is now just one month away. Valentina and her 12-year old son will be moving up here this Summer. We feel that God has blessed us with a wonderful opportunity and we plan on sharing our blessings whenever possible. She is the most beautiful, amazing, spiritual woman I have ever known. We're now engaged and will be married at the end of May 2009. Thank you CM!

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