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Jessica and I started emailing each other last November with the "who cares" mentality. We had both decided we were done with Internet dating (even though we'd never actually dated anyone). This was not our thing. It started off slow and as our emails grew longer and funnier, these became the most enjoyable part of our days. Two weeks after "meeting", we began phoning each other. Although the first thirty minutes were a bit awkward, we eventually were spending up to seven hours a night on the phone!!! After the second phone conversation, I phoned my Mom and told her I’d found the one (Mom thought this was crazy talk)! There was a personal connection both of us never imagined we would ever find in another person. By the grace of God, my flight home for Christmas 2006 was strangely routed through Phoenix (I've always had layovers in Denver). It was apparent we had to meet and we did; at the Sky Harbor Airport Starbucks on Dec 22, 2006. Those four hours flew by so quickly that neither of us wanted to leave.

I had Jess book a flight for me out to Phoenix immediately while I waited in line for my flight (I paid of course). Due to an ice storm the weekend we chose to see each other again, I wrecked my truck on the way to the airport and our second meeting was delayed another two weeks. When I finally made it out there in mid January, we knew each other so well it was as though we’d known each other for years. We were very straight forward about everything under the sun and worked doubly as hard to make the other feel at ease and comfortable before we made any drastic steps. We focused on getting to know each other’s personalities entirely and avoided physical intimacy. We left the weekend with the notion we’d see each other again at some point. The next day, I phoned Jess and told her I purchased a vehicle in Oregon and had plans on road tripping it back to Oklahoma and would love it if she came with me. I flew her out to Portland and we began our spontaneous cross country trek.

It hasn’t been a dull moment since.

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