Catholic Wedding In The Works For 18th Chilean Miner


Chilean miner Mario Gomez dropped to his knees in prayer after being rescued.

There are many stirring stories emerging along with the rescued Chilean miners, but one is of special note to CatholicMatchers. It involves Esteban Rojas, the 18th miner about to be rescued.

According to CNN, he has been with his partner, Jessica Yanez, for some 25 years. In one of the letters he sent back up to the surface, he reportedly told Jessica, “I’m rethinking this. Let’s do this properly,” and then requested a Catholic wedding Mass.

The story resonated with a Texan fashion designer, who has been emailing Jessica and is designing a wedding gown for her, according to CNN. “It’s going to be in a champagne color, I understand,” reported an on-located CNN journalist. “It’s going to have sequins and beads on an outer layer, a sheer champagne layer underneath, a lace jacket. It is going to be a beautiful affair.”

Amazing how things come to light when you’re trapped half a mile below ground. “I was with God and with the devil – and I reached out for God,” Mario Sepulveda, the second rescued miner, said in an interview.

The ninth rescued miner, 63-year-old Mario Gomez, dropped to his knees after he emerged, bowing his head in prayer and clutching the Chilean flag.

Imagine the many prayers that preceded that moment – cries for help, Hail Marys, soundless pleas.

The most grueling battles between good and evil, hope and despair, are often waged in isolation – one person, one choice. Catholic singles know this.

We all have an opportunity to learn from these miners, to choose hope over despair, to let hardship deepen faith, and to finally make changes.

If you were to be trapped below ground, what bold step might you be inspired to take?


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  1. Anna-635092 October 15, 2010 Reply

    The saga of the 33 miners has spiritually touched hearts the world over. Love, our precious gift from Him was miraculously working. The beauty of His love & its’ workings in those men wrote the story lines that the world over is talking about! Like the one young man stated from this ordeal – he wanted to get it right & do things pleasing to God. It’s been so powerful seeing disaster turning hearts back to their creator. Such blessings this tragedy brought the entire globe. Countless prayers were storming the heavens from north, east, west & south – how it must have touched the God of all !!! Irishanna

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