Annette-639693: ‘In The Quiet I Hear God’s Voice Clearly’


Annette, a single mom, is praying more this Lent

By Annette-639693

My pastor, a Redemptorist, proclaimed in his homily last Sunday that Lent is a time for prayer, almsgiving and asking forgiveness for sins. This is the time of year when I am really aware of my shortcomings, so I go to reconciliation. It cleanses my soul and, afterwards, I always feel light and carefree.

I pray for God’s will in my life each day, that He will lead me to make the right decisions in all matters, big and small. I’ve made a promise this Lent to read about one saint a day to inspire me to become more like Jesus.

Being a single parent, I find great comfort in knowing there were saints such as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who were also single parents striving to live a holy life.

I’m increasing the amount of time I spend reading Scripture and meditating on His sacred word. I find the best time to read His holy word and pray is in the morning, before my son wakes up. In the quiet and stillness, I can hear His voice more clearly, and it sets my mood in the right direction for the day.

I’m trying to be more prepared when I come across a homeless person; I can give him a ready-made tuna kit. I can also bring food donations to St. Vincent de Paul to feed the poor and clothes that Andrew has outgrown to the Domestic Abuse Shelter.

Although I pray with my son before every meal and before he goes to bed, I’m setting aside a special time for evening prayer together, before piano or choir practice. When Easter arrives and we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection, I’ll have a deeper appreciation for His loving sacrifice.

Reflection question: When do you hear God’s voice most clearly?



  1. Mirek-742161 February 11, 2012 Reply

    I liked it 🙂
    I think you’re right… I can hear him better in the morning, while all the world still sleeps.
    Later in the day, I’ve had too many things that happened and stirred up my mind.

  2. Benjamin-842975 July 8, 2013 Reply

    Greetings, Annette. Thank you so much for writing this article and I am proud of you that your article was posted on this blog. I am so glad I met you. God brought us together. It seems everything fell in place for us to find each other as soul mates. It is fitting you would write such a spiritual devotion. It is one of many attributes you have that attracts me to you. I am so glad we are together for the rest of our lives, Special One. Love always, Ben oxoxoxox

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