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Anna-635092, a 79-year-old widow from Meadville, Pa., is far from tech savvy, but that didn’t keep her from joining CatholicMatch last October.

She freezes when a message pops up on her monitor asking her to select an option. “I’m at a total loss!” she admits. “My game plan is – a, say a prayer; b, click on a choice; and c, remain undaunted and continue on.”

That’s how the spirited grandmother to 21 lives: celebrating her Irish heritage, cherishing her family and faith, and singing out – “loud, off key and with gusto,” she says.

Anna joined CatholicMatch “to explore and learn about this unfamiliar area of personal development.” Being a Catholic site made her more comfortable, she says. “I feel it covers the whole experience with a safety net.”

Interacting with fellow CatholicMatch members gives her faith a boost, especially “when I see the Holy Spirit working through His children.”

Her favorite feature on the site is the blog, which was launched a few weeks before she joined.

Decades ago, Anna was the stay-at-home mother of five children. Now she enjoys doing calligraphy, writing her memoir, reading biographies, watching football and, of course, spending time with her grandkids.

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  1. Anne-130524 April 19, 2011

    I barely passed “Computers for Dummies” so I commend you for joining CM and facing the challenges of the cyberworld. We seniors have to stick together. WELCOME ANNA and I can assure you that there are lots of nice people on this site. Anne

  2. Patricia-706626 April 23, 2011

    Go girl. I am proud of you. It is never to late to learn something new and this dating is a challenge
    at any age in this time and age. Patricia

  3. Anna-635092 May 19, 2011

    Yesterday was the firstt I’ve read the article by Christina. She did a very nice job, and I’m delighted, especially with what little she had to work with, . Also, having read the (only) two comments, (both by females), I ‘ll drop them an E-mail within 24 hrs. fand thank them for providing such positive support.
    Interesting, I can’t but notice I’m (like boo-choo yrs. older than both those sweet ladies. By now I’ve come to the conclusion I’m the oldest female signed on CM !!! —Maybe there’s a reward for such audacity &/ tenacity !!! …’Ya think ???
    God bless and “Live well, love much, and laugh often.” ,

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