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There is plenty of evidence that the myth of online dating being only for the modern generation is just that—a myth. CatholicMatch is filled with examples of the 55-and-up generation making good use of this venue. 58-year-old David was just such a case.  

Not only was the Illinois man not encumbered by the Internet, he swung for the fences and pursued a relationship with Pacita, who lives in the Philippines. They spent 2 ½ months getting to know each other online, when he decided to fly across the Pacific. Everything was better in person, and the couple decided to marry this past May.

“I went to the Phillipines and married the Catholic woman I had prayed for,” David told CatholicMatch. His own deep faith leads him to encourage others to seek God’s help and their dreams can indeed be fulfilled.

Perhaps another happy ending will be in store for 74-year-old Patrick. The Virginia resident isn’t going international in the pursuit of his dreams, but through CatholicMatch he met Kathleen, two years younger and living nearby. CatholicMatch hopes another happy ending is in store for the couple.

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