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Chris was home sick. The 28-year-old youth ministry coordinator from Louisville just had his appendix removed and needed a little recovery time. He decided to use some of that time to logging onto CatholicMatch. It was then he met Liz and two lives changed forever.

Liz was going to school in Indianapolis, a manageable two-hour drive from Louisville. With only a semester left before graduation from Marian University she was seeking to understand what the Lord had in mind for her.

Chris was seeking a devout woman to walk side-by-side with in life. A passionate baseball and hockey fan, his Faith came first, and he’d made a pair of service visits to post-Katrina New Orleans. He also liked to read theology, along with history and sports books, and all of that would make him an ideal companion for Liz.

Liz took pride in not being a “girly-girl”, even if she did consider herself ladylike, and as she prepared to graduate with a degree in theology, she could more than hold her own on the topic. When she and Chris connected, everything was there—from Faith to common interests.

St. Raphael helped bring Chris & Liz together for life.

St. Raphael is the patron of happy meetings, and Chris and Liz met in person for the first time outside the church at St. Raphael’s school in Louisville. The archangel again knew what he was doing, because in December Chris and Liz were married and are embarked on a special journey together.


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