Is Bad Grammar A Turn-Off?



There are thousands of profiles on CatholicMatch, so depending on your search criteria, you’ve likely read hundreds of bios that range from serious to lighthearted, brief to extensive, vague to direct.

Each profile is a window into a member’s personality, style and heart. In the world of online dating, a bio is the equivalent of a first impression, which we all know is crucial in relationships and in life.

In my short time on CatholicMatch, it appears that many online daters negate the importance of their bio by failing to recognize blatant misspellings, incorrect word choices and other grammatical errors. More than missed commas, these profiles convey an unattractive level of apathy toward online dating or, at the very least, a questionable level of knowledge of the English language.

Mr. or Miss Grammar Abuser may present him or herself in these ways:


Capitalization should only be used for proper nouns, the beginning of sentences and on the rare occasion, to show emphasis. Don’t make your words scream through the computer screen.

I’ve had so many great experiences in my life. Their to many to list. Your probably the same way.

There’s a difference between to and too, there and their and your and you’re. The online world often neglects these nuances, but it’s likely that other CatholicMatchers will not when they read your profile. If you’re unsure about these concepts, have a friend proof your profile or check out this list of common grammatical errors.

“My FaItH iS ReAlLy ImPoRtAnT tO mE, aNd I love BeInG aCtIVe In ThE cHuRcH aNd ExPlOrInG mY cAtHoLiC fAiTh.”

Chances are it was as difficult for you to read that sentence as it was for me to type it. Odd typing habits like this should have been abandoned in your pre-teen AOL instant messaging years not only because they appear immature, but because they’re difficult to read!

You’ve taken your dating life seriously enough to join CatholicMatch, so take your seventh-grade English teacher’s advice: Always proofread what you write. At the very least, use that handy tool known as spell-check and save us all the hassle of deciphering typos.

Don’t let a mistake-ridden profile stand between you and a potential match.

These are just a few of the common errors I’ve come across in my time on CatholicMatch, so chances are, you’ve also encountered many of these blunders. Does a grammatically incorrect profile affect your decision to contact or not contact a potential match?



  1. Julia-611938 December 16, 2011 Reply

    I totally exit a profile if there is bad grammar and more than usual mistakes. It drives me nuts!

  2. Cate-291547 December 17, 2011 Reply

    I love that you wrote this article. Thank you! And, of course, it’s a huge turn-off.

  3. Naomi-698107 December 17, 2011 Reply

    I’m dyslexic, to the point I’ve been told by highly qualified testers in the field that I should be illiterate. I understand that sometimes its not just laziness or apathy that can cause grammar and spelling quirks. Not everyone can figure grammar, and not everyone can get spelling right – even with a spell check.

    I think its incredibly sad some would turn away a profile based on a few quirks within the prosse.

    OF cOURsE tHIs IS aNNoYinG aS HeCK AnD thERe iS No EXcuSE fOr iT!

  4. Mari-611004 December 17, 2011 Reply

    That’s why my introduction to my profile is short. You can check it yourself.
    Things should be different probably if conversing in person.

    “i” love swimming or “i” went to town” or “i” will…

    I know it’s supposed to be capitalized.

  5. Angie-584510 December 19, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for writing this article. English is my second language. I can stand typos but for some reason I can’t stand poor spelling, poor punctuation, lack of capitals letters where needed, bad grammar, etc. I do not know why but it is a huge turn-off. It is like someone wearing a wrinkled shirt. If you don’t have time to iron it, then you might consider not wearing it at all.

  6. Mari-611004 December 20, 2011 Reply

    Shame on me! I know it’s “supposed” to be capitalized! Look who’s talking? Wrong grammarrrr!!! My gosh!

  7. Luci-735533 December 25, 2011 Reply

    Yes, it is a turnoff. I know my English is not the best, is my second language, and I do try to use the proper grammar. And yes, I think if I make an efford to write correctly, all the man who learned English as their first language should not have mistakes….sometimes may be a “finger error” and is understandable, but if they constantly make punctuation or grammar mistakes, leads me to believe that maybe they were not fortunate to go to school as I was. (instead of thinking they are careless about their writing).
    And, well, I am looking for someone with about the same level of education as mine.

  8. Marlene-781647 July 4, 2012 Reply

    I think is not a turn off. If English is not your first language, but you did the best you could is enough! This is a site to meet a soulmate or a friend , not a school. I know I have a lot if bad grammar, but I do the best I can. Portuguese is my first language, but I can’t write it here. I learned English without going to school as well Spanish. To me is not a turn off even if I know the meaning behind it. Everyone has their own idea. Be careful with words. Sometimes they hurt more than a slap. Everyone is as God made us.

  9. Carol-737878 March 8, 2013 Reply

    Bad grammar & typos are definitely a turnoff for me!

  10. Richard-76477 January 19, 2014 Reply

    Yes, it’s a turn-off. I’m not talking about words that are difficult to spell, but words that should have been mastered before leaving grade school. My eyes glaze over when I read a female’s profile (I don’t read the male profiles, but I assume those contain similar errors) in which she refers to herself as “a women.” How can an adult female not know the difference between the singular and plural of her own gender? Perhaps my “favorite” mistake, because of the howling irony, is the poster who claims to be “intelligent”………and then misspells the word! Ladies, use spell-check or consult a dictionary. It’s not that difficult.

  11. Amanda-1183197 March 5, 2015 Reply

    Golly, yes! I can understand there being a few typos or grammar mistakes, but when anything is saturated with grammatical and spelling errors, I can’t bare to read it. I expect those mistakes from early school children, not adults.

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