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We know CatholicMatch members are not materialistic, but we pressed them to get specific about the items on their wish list this year. Here’s how they answered:

“Power tools.”  -Tim-734178

“Candles or angels, especially Willow Tree.”  -Mary-363093

“A trip to see someone I love dearly and haven’t seen in three years, my sista-friend (from CatholicMatch) Erin from Colorado. Oh, and because it is Christmas, and Christmas wishes are supposed to be extra special and magical, a romantic meet-up with handsome gent. The two could be combined.”  -Dawn-58330

“A GPS.”  -Kathy-635104

“A new stand mixer would be nice for my kitchen.”  -Howie-770976

“Season tickets to Lambeau!”  -Rae-242317

“A trip to Rome for Christmas Mass at the Vatican.”  -Damaris-771429

“A blind date with another amazing single Catholic!”  -Angela-101566

“Fruit trees in my yard.”  -Sherrill-anne-13557

“A horse! Or at least a nice pair of riding gloves.”  -Mary-175614

“A week or two in a house on the beach.”  -Laurie-523231

A CatholicMatch membership.”  -David-364112

“Oh man, I’d love the Willow Tree Nativity. However, I don’t have the heart to ask Mama and Papa Claus; it’s pricey. So maybe some techie toy like an iPod shuffle.” -Jacqueline-198

“I am not going to deny a practicing Catholic boyfriend for Christmas would really make my day.”  -Angie-584510

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  1. Patty-148888 December 14, 2011

    I would definitely love the trip to the Vatican! Sharing the Advent Season with my family and the hope and prayer of a Catholic Match for Christmas . . . Hey, St. Raphael!!

  2. Karen-741112 December 14, 2011

    Just got my first piece to the Willow Tree Nativity…I’m going to add a piece each year. My Christmas gift to me :)

  3. Vhie-763540 December 18, 2011

    What else could be the greatest gift for a single like me…nothing but the assurance that my soul mate will grow old with me..holding hands at sunset, and serving the Lord together.

  4. Nina-690627 December 22, 2011

    Chicago Blackhawks tickets…preferably against Detroit Redwings.

  5. Maria-846262 October 23, 2012

    A new rosary, a bible, a crucifix, a good book that he/she wants to read, tickets to a sports event or theater play. The list is interminable.

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