After Helping Others Heal From Divorce, Carol Found Her Match



When Carol’s first marriage ended, and was subsequently annulled by the Church, it would have been easy for her to retreat into a shell. But instead, she threw herself into helping others and devoted years to work in divorced ministry to her fellow Catholics.

The flip side to that was that she’d been single so long, that she began to wonder if she’d even recognize a suitable match if one appeared on her doorstep. Now 70-years-old, she decided to escape the snow of the Midwest winters and trade it in for some San Diego sunshine. As luck would have it, that’s how she met her match.

Carol felt the guidance of the Holy Spirit telling her to stay open to new possibilities, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t frustrated. Immediately after moving west, she had to have a knee replaced, but better things were around the corner.

She joined CatholicMatch, and liked the profile of a 67-year-old Navy Commander. “His profile was intriguing,” she said of Dann. “Like a door slightly ajar that piques your curiosity.” On a more practical level, he lived nearby, so she sent him an emotigram.

After over three decades in the Navy, Dann was enjoying his retirement and creative writing when he met Carol.

After over three decades in the Navy, Dann was enjoying his retirement and creative writing when he met Carol.

Dann was staying active in his retirement. He was busy planning trips to Israel and Italy, hoping that his post-Navy days would see him travel to where he wanted to go, rather than where duty called. He also has creative talent, and writes poetry and haiku. And at the request of his sons, he was working on a memoir of his Navy days.

He gave Carol an immediate response to her emotigram, but then there were literally months of quiet. Carol figured it was a dead end, but it was when Dann re-opened communications and they got to know each other that a roller-coaster ride of emotions began.

They both found themselves so comfortable with each other it was literally scary. They each had the prudence that comes with experience and they exerted extra effort to slow things down, rather than speed them up. What’s more, neither one knew they were both doing the same thing.

Dann and Carol both prayed for guidance, and they were led on a gradual eight-month journey where their closeness gradually grew. Dann came to realize that his prayers were being answered. When he took a two-week trip to the country, he came back convinced of what he had to do.

Being convinced didn’t make him any less anxious, but Dann proposed marriage to Carol and she accepted. Now Dann has someone to travel the world with, and Carol’s move to San Diego brought warmth in ways deeper than the winter weather.

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  1. Bob-59786 August 1, 2013 Reply

    … ” literally months of quiet ….“ – doesn’t men it’s over – how true.

  2. Barbara-986719 August 2, 2013 Reply

    I have been widowed since October 2009. My husband had Alzhiemers disease so it seemed more like an extra 5 years of being a widow when you count the years I spent taking care of him. I was a good caregiver. He loved me to the end of his life.

    It seems like I am ready to meet someone to love and dedicate the rest of my life to.

  3. Anne-976912 August 3, 2013 Reply

    A beautiful true story

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