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Why Us?

“Anyone who puts their Catholic faith first would naturally gravitate to a site which does the same.” – Mary, Modesto, CA

At CatholicMatch, we give single Catholics the best opportunity to grow in their faith and fall in love by providing an environment focused on the values that make a successful marriage. Our profile tools highlight faith and family, while assisting in determining common or complementary interests and traits. Through our exclusive Temperament Test & Quiztiqueâ„¢, our members get to know themselves and a potential spouse more deeply than at other sites which just offer glorified personals ads. While marriage and family are at the core of our service; friendship, community and religious vocational discernment are also vitally important.

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With secular sites
it’s very difficult to determine
what a person’s faith is, if they are even faithful at all. Most people on secular sites are “spiritual” or atheist – not for me.

- Erin, Aurora, CO
Relationships Based on Faith, Not Formulas

CatholicMatch, unlike many websites which target Catholics, is faithful to the teachings and values of the Catholic Church. As such, we provide a service which allows our members to be guided by their values and relationship with God – not with scientific formulas. Because of the free will God gives us, there can be many reasons why He would bring two people together, and the resulting match may not be the same as they would have if one were using formulas. CatholicMatch strongly believes that holy marriages are best formed through discernment and providence .

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