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  • 2 Things You Should Do After Your Divorce

    I have written often about the insane and crazy things I did just after my divorce. I was adrift in the world and had lost much of the definition of who I was—wife, full-time mother, part of a whole. I didn’t understand who I was supposed to be now...

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  • A Shaky Start Ends With an Awesome Proposal

    The first time Jeff, 23, meet Chelsae, 22, he was so excited that he was shaking horribly. He had just flown in from Denver to Seattle, and Chelsae had come to pick him up at the airport. “Jeff had the courage to actually fly up to meet me. I...

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  • A Good Samaritan Saved My Life

    A couple of months ago, I shared this story with our CatholicMatch Institute newsletter list about how a good samaritan saved my life. This is what happened: “I live in the northeast where we’ve been having a ton of snow lately. The snowfall is so pretty and peaceful …...

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  • Is Online Dating Dehumanizing?

    After my last blog post, “The Church Has Not Forgotten Singles” which generated a lot of vigorous discussion, I received a message from a fellow member asking me to comment on some issues he has experienced with online dating. He was concerned with the fact that we are only “virtually”...

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  • Is an Unmarried Life a Loveless Life?

    It was several years ago, during a time when I was really struggling with my “singleness.”  I was pouring my heart out to my spiritual director about how I hated the prospect of never marrying, how I was sick to death of only finding the “wrong” guys and even...

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  • Breaking Out of a Comfort Zone Into Lifetime Happiness

    One problem was that there wasn’t a lot of hope for finding dating prospects. Angie lived in a small town in central Florida, whose population was mostly retirees. Yet, she was also not entirely comfortable with the idea of online dating. “I can be kind of shy and I...

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  • Don’t Forget Widows & Widowers

    Single Catholics are a widely varied crowd. We span across a wide range of ages and relationship statuses. One group of members that often gets overlooked are our widows and widowers. These members are a unique and special group. Having sustained a loss of the most painful type, they are strong...

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  • Easy Annulments?

    There is much discussion on this site about the ease of getting an Annulment in today’s Church and how this somehow shows that our Church is pro-divorce.  I honestly don’t believe that is a fair assessment of the state of our Church or the divorced/annulled people on this site...

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  • 3-Hour Drive for First Date was Worth It

    When Gina, 24, joined CatholicMatch in January of 2013, she set her distance parameters to a 20-mile radius. She figured that with so many Catholics living in Cleveland, Ohio, she should be able to meet someone nearby.   Luckily, Brian, 28, had his parameters set to a statewide search....

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  • A Personal Invite for Single Catholics from Mary Beth Bonacci

    Single Catholics can sometimes feel as though they are alone in their single state. Some feel there are not many opportunities to get out and meet people with similar values. Well I am here to personally invite you to get out and meet single Catholics just like you. I...

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