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  • Join Us for a Catholic Retreat for Singles

    “I don’t think I can make it.” My good friend had invited me to attend a weekend retreat and it was the worst possible time to go away for the weekend. “I have several deadlines for work and I can’t guarantee I’ll be there on time.” I came up...

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  • One Thing You Must Do This Lent

    I hope in the past weeks you’ve been able to experience a deepening of your faith through your sacrifices and extra prayers, and hopefully through our reflections together. Our goal of course is a deeper love for Christ and a more defined recognition of the areas in our lives...

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  • Over 50: Will I Ever Get Married?

    Dear Mary Beth, I’m 58, and I signed up recently for Catholic Match. So far I’ve been very disappointed to see the prospects sent to me.  Someone needs to say this—we are not all meant to be married.  We are not all equally datable.  There is no fairness or...

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  • Lenten Dating Boot Camp

    As we enter into the last two weeks of Lent, let’s recommit ourselves to our Lenten sacrifices. And for those of you who feel as though you wasted the first half of Lent, it’s not too late to begin! Lent is an opportunity to start over—an opportunity to hit...

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  • Married Couples Bring Each Other to Christ

    Editor’s note: The CatholicMatch Institute is featuring a Lenten series for Catholic married couples. Each reflection will focus on one of Christ’s seven last words on the cross. In addition there will be a Lenten action for married couples to put into practice. This is the fifth reflection in...

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  • Are Your Friends Part of the Reason You’re Single? (Video)

    Do you ever look into the future and try to imagine what being in love and getting married will be like? It’s a great thing to imagine because it helps to keep you hopeful and focused on this important goal. But have you ever stopped to consider the path...

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  • Finding Your Best Friend 1,000 Miles Away

    Wherever Michael and Lauren are led to, they bring with them a deep reservoir of commitment to each other, built up over a long period and that has already overcome a big distance. “Even though the distance was tough, we made it work,” Lauren said. “Because that’s what you…

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  • CatholicMatch Personalized Messages Now Free To Read

    We know being single can be difficult when you desire to meet that special person, fall in love and get married. We also understand the unique challenges of meeting someone online. Each day CatholicMatch looks for ways to help more single Catholics, like yourself, meet someone that could become...

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  • Your Will Or God’s Will? That Is The Question (Video)

    One of the hardest things to do in life is to resign your will to God’s, but it’s one of the most important and powerful decisions you can make. And resigning your will to God’s isn’t simply letting go of the control of a situation and giving it to...

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  • Just Kiss Him

    I have heard from so many friends, who, were romantically interested in a guy, but couldn’t quite gain the nerve to express themselves to let him know. In case you can identify with this problem, I will share with you the advice I gave them. While I understand that...

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