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  • How One Couple Met, Fell in Love, and Met the Pope

    Deanna, 24, and Michael, 24, had never dated before they meet each other on CatholicMatch. Michael had been discerning the priesthood for four years, and it seems God had placed a bubble around lovely Deanna—saving her just for Michael. They were married on October 5, 2013, in her home...

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  • Learn How to Date Better on a Catholic Retreat for Singles

    Editor’s note: On June 27-29, the CatholicMatch Institute is hosting a Catholic Retreat for Singles at the Malvern Retreat House. The weekend features speakers Bryan Mercier and Fr. Stephen Delacy, who will speak on coming closer to God and hearing God in your life. We spoke to Mercier about why retreats for...

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  • Is This Why You Haven’t Found Your Perfect Mate, Yet?

    Bacon and bleu cheese burger with fries? Italian chopped salad? Tex-Mex spring rolls with avocado dipping sauce? The lunch hour clock was keeping time as I wrestled with my list of choices. The extensive menu offered an endless amount of delicious options and I spent way too much time...

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  • When a Man Likes a Woman: 5 Dos

    Editor’s note: The CatholicMatch Institute is happy to announce our newest  contributor, Arleen Spenceley. Arleen is a Catholic blogger, staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times, and author of Chastity is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin. Here is her first column for the CatholicMatch Institute.  In my then-boyfriend’s apartment, I smiled...

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  • It Took 7 Years To Find Him, But He Was Worth the Wait

    On and off for seven years, Allison, 31, had been a member of CatholicMatch. Because of some great jobs like being a missionary to homeless pregnant women and later working for a prominent Catholic college, she had moved often and had lived overseas. Not putting down any roots made...

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  • Jane Austen on Love (and Life)

    I have written about Jane Austen here before, but I love her writing and the lessons of her novels so much that there is always more to write about. Jane is never preachy, but her characters show or don’t show Christian values. It’s obvious who is leading a good...

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  • Asking Your Ex For Reconciliation: Humiliation or Humility?

    You are a fool! That is what I said to myself as I sat in my car in the parking lot of the local Denny’s restaurant where I was about to make the gutsiest move of my life—I was going to ask my ex-spouse to consider reconciliation instead of...

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  • An Engagement Built On God, Country & Star Trek

    Alex and Emerald can look forward to a lifetime of laughs together. They take seriously the things that need to be taken seriously and also know how to step back and smile. It’s how a couple deeply devoted to God, family and the United States could connect based on…

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  • Adults Want and Need to Talk About Sex (and saving sex!)

    The CatholicMatch Institute is joined by a new contributor! Arleen Spenceley is a Catholic blogger, staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times, and author of an upcoming book about chastity. The CatholicMatch Institute spoke to her about her upcoming book, Chastity is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin, practical dating and...

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  • Atlanta Eucharistic Congress: Go and Make Disciples

    The Archdiocese of Atlanta is hosting the 2014 Eucharistic Congress from June 20-21. Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory choose the theme for the congress, “Go and Make Disciples.” The CatholicMatch Institute spoke with Deacon Dennis J. Dorner Sr. who serves as the Chancellor, Director of Permanent Diaconate, and Chairman of Eucharistic Congress Steering...

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