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  • A Proposal Aboard A Plane

    Kevin and Meghan were married this past September. It was a long time coming and the road—or flight pattern if you will—was marked with obstacles—but they persevered to each other.

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  • Is Old-Fashioned Dating Cool Again?

    I see posts and blogs on an almost daily basis that relate to dating and relationships, but few come as close to the mark as Kate Bailey’s post, “10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again.” In addition to the tips offered from Bailey’s post, I’d like to...

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  • Forgive the Mistakes of the Past

    Because I declared 2014 The Year of the Saints, I thought about who we singles could look to during the often-contentious Month of Valentinus. There are a plethora of other saints to consider during February. I find it helpful to view the lives of the saints as inspiration, a...

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  • Challenges for Divorced Parents

    Under the best of circumstances, parenting is hard work. For families of divorce it can be even more difficult. Now that my daughters are older, I sometimes look back at situations and revisit circumstances wondering if I did the right thing—maybe I should have done this or that differently....

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  • Catholic Leaders Gather in Baltimore for the Mid-Atlantic Congress

    The CatholicMatch Institute spoke to Therese Brown, Executive Director of the Association of Catholic Publishing, about the Mid-Atlantic Congress, which is in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 27-March 1, 2014. Brown talked with us about the speakers, the mission of the congress, and what makes the Mid-Atlantic Congress unique. What...

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  • A Shared Heritage Brought Kevin & Melissa Together

    Kevin and Melissa were both native Pittsburghers, who each relocated to Dixie and were living in South Carolina. It turns out their shared heritage—both in the Steel City and in the Catholic faith itself—ended up bringing them together.

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  • Married Couples Need Support

    This past summer, my husband and I invited his coworker and wife—a couple about to celebrate their second year of marriage—over for dinner. During our conversation, we mentioned celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary.  My husband’s coworker asked, “So how does year nine compare with the first year?” We laughed...

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  • Too Busy For Lent? (Video)

        Lent is on its way and soon we, as a Catholic community, will turn our focus to the passion and suffering of Christ. Or will we? We lead very busy lives and fulfill many commitments and responsibilities, so it’s no surprise that taking time for prayer can...

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  • National Catholic Register Celebrates Marriage the Catholic Way

    The National Catholic Register recently featured an article by Lori Hadacek Chaplin about National Marriage Week. The article featured marriage experts who talk about the reasons why marriage must be protected. Additionally, they suggest ways to strengthen marriages and advise parishes to promote marriage-enriching activities and events. Both Brian Barcaro,...

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  • Why Don’t I Feel at Peace About Being Single?

    Dear Mary Beth, If a person has discerned their vocation and really feels that they are called to marriage and the person is just not being brought into their life, how do you keep your spirits up?  I believe that God wants us to be generally happy and at...

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