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  • Dear Divorced and Remarried Catholics

    Dear friends, I am writing to you for two reasons, first, because many of you have written to me about a wonderful phenomenon you are experiencing, describing it as feeling a “pull” to be in full communion with the Church. However, you explain you cannot proceed because you have...

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  • Finding Someone Better Than You Ever Imagined

    “We talked about our faith, prayers, church activities and lots of other things,” Jann said. They connected on deep questions, like a love for the Holy Eucharist and a commitment to modestly. And they connected on surface questions, like their interests in music, trying new foods and travel. It…

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  • What Does God Want You To Do? Here is A Foolproof Way To Find Out

    This summer, the CatholicMatch Institute is hosting a Catholic Retreat for Singles on June 27-29 at the Malvern Retreat Center in Pennsylvania. Popular retreat director, Father Stephen DeLacy is one of the speakers for the retreat. Fr. DeLacy has been the vocations director in Philadelphia, Pa. since July of 2013....

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  • 4 Free Ways To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

    A recent article in the Huffington Post states the average cost of a wedding these days has risen to $30,000, based on a survey of 13,000 brides and grooms across the country, released by TheKnot.Com. That number is alarming, no doubt, and it compels one to wonder why in...

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  • 53 Things to Do Instead of Having Sex

    If abstinence (from sex) is painful, you’re doing it wrong. Over the years, my husband, Alex and I have heard married couples and singles alike comment on how painful it is to abstain. Singles like to think that married people have it easy, since their abstinence is only periodic....

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  • Honesty was More Important than a Box of Chocolates

    Sal told Annie he would call her when he went west. Sure enough, he called every day. When Sal returned to the East Coast, he had a box of chocolates. “That’s not the best present he gave me though,” Annie said, recalling what she told Sal when he gave…

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  • St. John Paul II & Pope Francis are True Feminists

    We see that Saint John Paul II’s emphasis on the Marian Dimension and Feminine Genius is bearing great fruit through the Papacy of Francis. We see that the Holy Spirit truly is “Genius” by appointing a Pope that is helping the Church “to get in touch with her feminine…

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  • St. Joseph: Model of Manliness

    I draw great strength and much enjoyment when I watch some of my favorite fictional models of manliness. Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino. Michael Caine as the title character in Harry Brown. Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. All of these characters display a certain grit and...

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  • A Long-Distance Relationship on a Budget

    Meg wasn’t in a situation where she expected a serious relationship to materialize. The 34-year-old from northeastern Pennsylvania was open to the possibility, as evidenced by her participation on CatholicMatch. But she was temporarily living in North Carolina for school and was in a situation where the budget was…

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  • Mary and Joseph’s Advice on Love

    Mary is the epitome of feminine holiness. And Joseph is the epitome of masculine virtue. Consequently, they have much to teach us about what love is. Love is found in doing God’s will, Mary and Joseph show us.   Listening to the word of God through Gabriel, Mary said...

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