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CatholicMatch Institute Scholarship Program

One of priorities of the CatholicMatch Institute is to offer scholarships to dioceses, parishes and qualified groups or individuals in order to provide more access to educational materials in the areas of dating relationships, vocational discernment, marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and catechetics. Our scholarship program is still in the development stages but we are in the process of reviewing educational materials that actively address the particular needs of single Catholics.

If you have or would like to recommend materials for the CatholicMatch Institute to consider please send an email to robynlee@catholicmatch.com containing your name, contact information, links or attachments about the materials, an explanation of how the materials have been used. for how long and why they would be a good fit for our program.

You can also send copies of program materials to:

CatholicMatch Institute
Attn: Scholarship Program
PO BOX 154
Zelienople, PA 16063

Programs for Parishes and Dioceses

Many parishes and dioceses would like to provide more programs and activities for their single parishioners, but have struggled to find activities where singles can interact naturally. Faith education specifically for singles, provides:

  • A focus on building one’s faith rather than having to “interact” in a forced manner which can feel awkward.
  • An educational environment which allows singles of all ages and background to come together.
  • A natural setting with the opportunity for friendships, relationships and community to develop.



Scholarships Currently Offered:

None at this time. Please check back!



Scholarships Offered In The Near Future:


The Catholicism Study Program

Fr. Robert Barron created the groundbreaking program, The Catholicism Study Program, as a thematic presentation of what Catholics believe and why, so all adults can come to a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith. Not a video lecture, Church history or scripture study, this engaging and interesting formational program uses the art, architecture, literature, music and all the treasures of the Catholic tradition to illuminate the timeless teachings of the Church.

 The Catholicism Study Program includes 10 compelling episodes from the DVD series, a companion study lesson written by Carl Olson for each DVD, complete with extensive commentary, questions for understanding and also questions for application to each participant’s own life and a leader’s kit to help promote the upcoming program in your location.

For more information or to apply for a scholarship when it becomes available please send an email to robynlee@catholicmatch.com and put “Add Me To Scholarship List” in the subject. As information becomes available we will contact you.

Journey of Hope Divorce Recovery Program

Divorce inflicts a lot of pain and suffering on families. We know first hand the desire for hope and recovery through the hundreds of thousands of divorced Catholics in our community. That why we feel the Journey of Hope Divorce Recovery Program

is perfect for our scholarship program. Lisa Duffy, a contributor to the CatholicMatch Institute, has 20 years personal and professional experience in helping Catholics heal from divorce.

Journey of Hope for parishes is a simple and effective solution to bringing hope and healing to the members of your parish community who have experienced separation or divorce.

From a Catholic perspective, Journey of Hope has a 10-year proven track record of having helped hundreds of men and women understand the issues they face. By rediscovering their self-worth in Christ and the Sacraments, divorced Catholics can move past the heartache of divorce and find happiness again.

Apply For Scholarships

If you are interested in applying for scholarship for your diocese, parish or qualified group. Please send an email to media@catholicmatch.com and put “Add Me To Scholarship List” in the subject. As information becomes available we will contact you.