» Melancholic and Melancholic

 We know two melancholics who went to the same school for four years but never got to know each other until they were forced to get together by a third party. From the first moment they met, they were soul sisters! But, the problem is: if left to their own devices, would they have ever gotten together? Melancholics tend to be so internally focused and analytical that they might never take the initiative or the risk to venture out into uncharted territory.

But, once you are in a relationship (whether friends or family) you can relate well on the level of ideals, principles, and details. But you can both be perfectionist and critical. So, watch out that you don’t turn every get together into a gripe session! Encourage each other to extend yourselves beyond your comfort zone. Go together to parties and social functions, expand your social horizons, and learn the fine art of flexibility. Keep in mind the bigger relationship picture, and do not sweat the small stuff. Encourage expressiveness and communication about each other’s deepest feelings. Do not let resentment build within you, and practice the virtues of forgiveness and delicate charity.