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Polls for single Catholics with detailed demographics.

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What do you think of the new iPhones?

Sep 10th 2013

422 votes 23 comments

How much of an age difference for dating is too much?

Jul 2nd 2013

5339 votes 150 comments

What is your favorite Catholic text to pray?

May 21st 2013

611 votes 95 comments

What are your summer vacation plans?

May 17th 2013

242 votes 11 comments

What contributes most to you still being single?

Mar 28th 2013

3460 votes 114 comments

Besides Mass, How do you celebrate Easter?

Mar 24th 2013

800 votes 74 comments

What Holy Week celebrations will you be attending?

Mar 24th 2013

1032 votes 27 comments

Do you believe in St. Malachy Prophecy?

Feb 19th 2013

2595 votes 112 comments

What are your Lenten practices?

Jan 31st 2013

2081 votes 203 comments

Are you going to the March for Life?

Jan 18th 2013

1073 votes 23 comments

Valentine's Day is ...

Jan 14th 2013

2571 votes 59 comments

What is your New Year's resolution?

Jan 9th 2013

1463 votes 21 comments

Are you finished with Christmas shopping?

Dec 22nd 2012

515 votes 1 comments

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Dec 12th 2012

3274 votes 44 comments

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Dec 4th 2012

2886 votes 16 comments

What is your ideal first date?

Sep 19th 2012

4562 votes 76 comments

Have you envisioned your wedding day?

May 8th 2012

1465 votes 28 comments

What do you think is the biggest reason for divorce?

Mar 29th 2012

201 votes 67 comments

For Lent this year I am...

Feb 22nd 2012

2851 votes 14 comments

March For Life 2012

Jan 26th 2012

1751 votes 22 comments

How do you feel about the new Roman Missal?

Sep 26th 2011

3586 votes 197 comments

Do you own a pet?

Jul 31st 2011

4797 votes 288 comments

Do you read your diocesan newspaper?

Jun 19th 2011

2896 votes 52 comments

Are finances affecting your dating life?

Apr 19th 2011

2859 votes 41 comments