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How often do you pray?

Nov 16th 2015

82 votes 3 comments

What's Harder?

Oct 15th 2015

141 votes 9 comments

Who do you think should initiate contact?

Sep 24th 2015

154 votes 7 comments

What's your favorite Disney movie?

Sep 9th 2015

37 votes 5 comments

How long you been on Catholicmatch?

Aug 31st 2015

260 votes 27 comments

What is your favorite Catholic website?

Aug 27th 2015

1357 votes 78 comments

What kind of music do you prefer at mass?

Aug 13th 2015

180 votes 18 comments

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Jul 30th 2015

159 votes 19 comments

Are You Going To World Youth Day 2016 in Poland?

Jul 30th 2015

31 votes 6 comments

What is your favorite Gospel/Christian song?

Jul 16th 2015

22 votes 9 comments

Who is your favorite Saint?

Jul 9th 2015

50 votes 12 comments

How do you feel about pets (dogs / cats) in the house?

Jun 14th 2015

355 votes 55 comments

What are your feelings on religious tattoos?

Jun 8th 2015

236 votes 37 comments

On a rainy day, what are you likely to do?

Jun 2nd 2015

181 votes 36 comments

What is the most common sin of which we are guilty?

May 23rd 2015

4 votes 36 comments

How would you prefer to meet your life partner?

Apr 18th 2015

113 votes 20 comments

How many people do you contact on CatholicMatch per day?

Mar 3rd 2015

1901 votes 135 comments

Who is your favorite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger?

Feb 24th 2015

58 votes 17 comments

How often do you pray the rosary?

Jan 22nd 2015

251 votes 59 comments

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones Character?

Jan 22nd 2015

44 votes 23 comments

What is your ideal first date?

Jan 22nd 2015

268 votes 77 comments

At what age do you hope to be married?

Dec 12th 2014

2642 votes 98 comments

How often do you keep up with Current Events/Politics?

Oct 29th 2014

1584 votes 86 comments

What part of a member's profile do you view first?

Oct 26th 2014

177 votes 71 comments

Are you open to being in a long distance relationship?

Sep 25th 2014

2779 votes 193 comments

What is your favorite Catholic news source?

Jul 23rd 2014

1450 votes 146 comments

WOMEN: Do you wear a veil in Mass

Jul 18th 2014

270 votes 82 comments

Who is your favorite author with Catholic references?

Jul 17th 2014

527 votes 39 comments

Who is your favorite archangel?

Jul 17th 2014

243 votes 70 comments

How do you use the interview feature in your profile?

Jul 17th 2014

146 votes 22 comments

How often do you pray?

Jul 17th 2014

260 votes 66 comments

What Temperament is Most Appealing to you?

Jul 17th 2014

129 votes 16 comments