A Long-Distance Match Made In Heaven

Faith Focused Dating - Grow in Faith, Fall in Love.

by Dan Flaherty


Joseph was praying that he would find the right girl. He believed that when the time was right, the right woman would appear. Four years later, the 25-year-old from Missouri was a member of CatholicMatch and was convinced that God had given him the answer and her name would be “Cassie.”

It was an answer to prayer that seems straight out of the Gospel of Luke, with Zachary and Elizabeth that “he shall be called John,” with the birth of John the Baptist. In our modern-day story, Joseph went and searched on CatholicMatch for every woman he could find with the name of Cassie.

The one he found was 21-years-old and living in Oregon. An adventurous young woman with a love for the outdoors, Cassie was skeptical of online dating. “I thought dating sites were just full of weird, lonely guys living in their mom’s basement, or people over fifty,” she bluntly admitted. But she figured it was at least worth a try. She even wrote in her profile that she was open to new and exciting things.

Joseph’s initial message didn’t dissuade Cassie from her original opinion of online dating. He sent her a message that said “Hello sister! God bless you! How are you today?" Cassie thought he was “weird,” but she felt her own calling in prayer to respond to him, and did so.

Catholic online dating success storiesThey began to exchange messages, then to talk on the phone and Cassie felt herself continually drawn to Joseph. They committed to giving a long-distance relationship a chance and he got on the plane to Oregon so he could meet her family. Two months later she made a return visit to Missouri, and when she went back home, Joseph drove with her, making a four-day road trip out of it.

“I realized concretely that I was going to marry this man no matter what,” Cassie recalled. Three months after that road trip along the Oregon trail, they were together again at Sunday Mass. Before the Mass began, Joseph got down on one knee to ask Cassie to marry him, and she said yes.

Joseph and Cassie will be married in less than three weeks. Their match made in heaven stands as testimony to following the guidance received in prayer.