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A Proposal Aboard A Plane

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by Dan Flaherty


Kevin periodically viewed Meghan’s profile, but no contact was forthcoming. She had “not currently seeking” on her profile, as she was recovering from a previous relationship on CatholicMatch that had resulted in what she later called “a badly wounded heart.” The 29-year-old from Massachusetts was on-again off-again with her profile status and Kevin couldn’t find an open window to contact her.

Perhaps it was just as well, because when she first saw him in her “viewed me” list, Meghan wasn’t open either. “I remember looking up on his hometown (in Minnesota) on Google Maps and thinking no way,” she recalled. “Minnesota is cold enough as it is, and to make it worse, this guy doesn’t live anywhere near civilization.

Nonetheless, 32-year-old Kevin didn’t lose heart. He continued to occasionally check in, and in December 2011—when they each had been on CatholicMatch for about six years—he sent Meghan a message.

Between the end of 2011 and the spring of 2012, Kevin and Meghan started chatting periodically and that grew into regular contact. In June, he suggested they get together and took a long, Friday-through-Monday weekend off to come out and see her.

Given how long it had been for Kevin and Meghan to reach this point, it’s perhaps unsurprising that more delays awaited them, this time courtesy of Kevin’s plane. There were issues with the plane itself, along with a passenger getting altitude sickness and requiring a stop at another airport.

Kevin, a first responder, was the one who was able to care for the passenger, as Meghan waited in the airport parking lot on an oppressively humid summer night. When the wait was finally over, he greeted her with a big bear hug, several packages of Delta cookies and they went to Meghan’s favorite pub so he could buy her the beer he’d promised her.

The weekend went well enough that six weeks later, Meghan was doing what she had once said no way to, and that’s fly out to Minnesota. “Never saw that coming!,” she said later. Unbelievably, she had flight problems. “My first flight was delayed and prevented me from getting my connecting flight,” she recalled. Kevin told Meghan to have the airline get her to Minneapolis—a five-hour drive for him—rather than the smaller airport that was two hours from his hometown.

“A five-hour each way trip is unfathomable to a New Englander,” Meghan said. “He just responded ‘Anything for you.’” In spite of all the flight problems their back-and-forth visits had, Kevin and Meghan were growing in love for each other—indeed, perhaps the inconveniences endured for the other’s sake were bringing them closer together.

Meghan worked for a staffing company, and she told her firm to look for contracts in the Minnesota area so she could spend more time near Kevin. A decision to spend the cold months of 2012 in the Upper Midwest was surely a sign of commitment. They were still a few hours’ drive apart, but now it was manageable and they made it back and forth to each other through the snow.

“I was surprised to find that I do like the Upper Midwest a lot,” she said. “I feel right at home with his family and my friends and family adore him too.”

December 30 was the Feast of the Holy Family, and Kevin took Meghan with him to his hangar, checking on some repairs that the mechanic had made to his plane (shown in the above photo). They went inside and there was a piece of caution tape in the backseat. “It’s from the new battery,” he said. “Pull it out.” When she did so, there was a box at the end of the table with a jeweler’s logo and a note.

“Meghan,” Kevin had written. “I love you dearly and want to be with you always.” Then in smaller print he added “The ring is in my pocket so it won’t be cold on your hand.” Meghan said yes, and upon hearing the news, Kevin’s mother had a pithy response. “What took you so long?”, she asked her son.

Kevin and Meghan were married this past September. It was a long time coming and the road—or flight pattern if you will—was marked with obstacles—but they persevered to each other.