CatholicMatch Onesies Coming To A Nursery Near You

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by Christina Ries


This summer we designed a special gift to celebrate all the beautiful babies born to faith-filled CatholicMatch couples: a onesie that colorfully proclaims “CatholicMatch Baby.”

We will ship them out to CatholicMatch parents for no charge, asking only that you email us a picture of your little one wearing the new outfit. (Thanks to Denise and Chris Geelhart of Sherman, Ill., for leading the way by sending this adorable picture of their 5-month-old Ginny. Chris and Denise met at a CatholicMatch event in St. Louis back in 2008.)

CatholicMatch is proud to claim so many success stories, couples who meet on our site and later marry. We know our current members find inspiration and hope in reading their romantic tales, one of the most popular features of our blog, “Faith, Hope & Love.”

But the lesser chronicled dimension of this is the new life that blesses these unions. It makes us simply euphoric to think of all those beautiful babies being raised by faithful parents in happy Catholic homes, each unit its own “domestic church,” as Blessed John Paul II wrote in Familiaris Consortio, a 1981 apostolic exhortation.

These babies – turned toddlers and kids – truly represent the future of the Church, which gives us great hope.

To request your complimentary onesie, email using the subject line "Onesie request." In your email, note the size of the onesie or T-shirt along with your name, your spouse's name and your mailing address. We’ll ship it out to you free of charge.

In return, please email us a picture of your baby or kid in the shirt and send a little info (name, birthdate, fun details, etc.). We’ll compile a collage of our adorable CatholicMatch babies and everyone who views it will be a little happier.