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I Was Ready to Give Up On Meeting My Future Husband

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by Dan Flaherty


Jaqueline was ready to give up, and on more than just CatholicMatch. She had joined the site in 2011 with high hopes after a friend had bought her a membership as a birthday present. But after ten months, those hopes seemed no closer to fruition, and then 27-year-old Jacqueline was questioning her vocation.

“I had really stopped looked and was praying for God to give me peace about being a single woman who was meant to be an aunt and a friend, but not a wife or mother,” she recalled. When an interesting man browsed her profile in early August of 2012, she was more curious than excited.

Steve, the same age as she and living a couple hours away in the northern California area of Sacramento, had used the  personal interview portion of his profile, and it paid off here. Answering his questions was an easy way for Jacqueline to reach out to him.

“Each (interview) question made me more and more curious about this man who was making me laugh out loud,” she said. The interview was able to lead to direct email correspondence, which in turn led to a date less than three weeks after the initial profile encounter.

Steve's personal interview made it easy for Jacqueline to contact him, made her curious and helped her laugh.

Steve's personal interview made it easy for Jacqueline to contact him, made her curious and helped her laugh.

It was on that date that Jacqueline immediately knew Steve was someone special, and it’s because of the way his faith was lived out. “After a wonderful lunch, we went to Mass and said a Rosary together,” Jacqueline said. “That was when I knew I could be holding hands with my future husband.”

The shared devotion to the Blessed Mother would serve Steve and Jacqueline well, because their relationship was not always easy. Steve’s work schedule kept him busy six days a week, with at least two nights. “We made sure to talk on the phone as much as we could and say the Rosary when possible,” she recalled. “We didn’t realize the amount of spiritual warfare involved…until we missed a Rosary. Then we would have a fight or feel despondent.”

Together, with help from the Mother of God, they made it through, and Jacqueline found real warmth in Steve’s family. While she loved taking her sister’s kids to the park, Jacqueline also candidly admitted that she did not grow up in a loving environment and having Steve’s large family take her in as their very own brought tremendous love and support to their lives.

This past April, as they were in front of the Cross at Steve’s parish, he proposed and she accepted, calling the moment “magical.” Six months later they were married.

Steve, who is an aspiring comedic writer and active with LifeTeen and the pro-life movement, agreed to move to Ohio, where Jacqueline’s best friend lives. They put all their belongings into a U-Haul and went cross-country, and are now settled in the Cleveland area.

“Needless to say, something went wrong every day (with the move),” Jacqueline said. “But we made it, 2,500 miles later, to a beautiful home and with our marriage a little stronger from this beginning trial. And all those Rosaries they prayed along the way surely didn’t hurt. Their Catholic marriage is further strengthened as they continue to pray for each other daily.