Introducing the New CatholicMatch Help Center

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by Debbie Kronk


You may have noticed some recent changes in the CatholicMatch Help Center. We hope that by making it easier to find information, you can spend less time in the help center and more time growing in your faith and meeting other single Catholics.

What's new in the CatholicMatch Help Center?HelpCenter_Screenshot copy

Emphasis on FAQs

By placing more emphasis on FAQs and including a large search bar at the top of the page, we hope to make it easier to find needed information without having to wait for a help ticket response. When writing a help ticket, FAQs will be suggested if they contain wording that is similar to what is included in your message. For example, if your question is regarding the age of your search results, an FAQ with instruction on how to update search criteria will appear.

The Getting Started section

Even though FAQs such as How can I find other members? or How does communication work on CatholicMatch? were already included in other help page categories, new or returning members can find important information about getting started on the site in one easy to find location.

Respond to help tickets directly from your email address

Instead of receiving a notification with a link to the website to read our staff's response to your help ticket, now you can read and respond to help tickets directly from your email account. This also makes it possible to include attachments, such as screenshots or photos in your response.

My Requests

In the "My Requests" menu at the top of the Help Center, you can choose to create a New Request or view Existing Requests. New Request can be used to open a brand new help ticket, whereas existing requests will bring you to any active or past help tickets.

For more information or to search for a question, visit the new CatholicMatch Help Center!