Tell a Friend About CatholicMatch & Win a Free Month!

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by Ella Hadacek


CatholicMatch is so thankful to its members for all they do to promote the site, so to show their gratitude, they Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.39.32 AMare running a special offer exclusively for members.

Invite your friends to find their future spouses on CatholicMatch by using the "Tell a Friend" sharing tool. Your friends will receive 25 percent off when they subscribe, and you'll get a month of CatholicMatch for free! For every five friends that follow your link to CatholicMatch and subscribe, you will receive a Visa gift card for $250 in addition to the free months.

CatholicMatch co-founder Mike Lloyd said, "we are introducing this feature to give our members an easy way to share  CatholicMatch in a way that can benefit both them and any friends they invite."

To take advantage of the offer, follow the ad or go directly to "Tell a Friend" by logging into You can also go to the "More" tab, and click on "Tell a Friend."

Once there, you can share your personalized link to CatholicMatch by sending an email; sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+; or by emailing your direct link. You can send up to 25 emails per day. In order for you to receive credit for the referral, your friend must use your link to reach CatholicMatch.

You can keep track of the status of your referrals by clicking "Show Details" at the bottom of the "Tell a Friend" tool. Once you have navigated to the page, you can see if your friend has either registered or subscribed to CatholicMatch.

Once your friend has subscribed to CatholicMatch, your free month will automatically begin and customer service will contact you to let you know. If you already have a subscription with CatholicMatch, the free month will be added to your regular subscription. The number of free months you can receive is unlimited.

"CatholicMatch co-founder, Brian Barcaro, says that CatholicMatch chose to run this promotion because the best publicity the website receives is from members who share their success stories with friends and family. "We've had so many people share CatholicMatch by word of mouth, so this is our opportunity to give back to our members and say thank you to the people who help promote CatholicMatch."

For more information visit the "Tell a Friend" promotion page. (Make sure you are logged in to your CatholicMatch account to share the personalized link).