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December 9th, 2007 - John-43975 said:

Regarding the following comment from Ruth, "It always amazes me how willing people are to defend the non-ordination of women!"

Please note it should not be a surprise if one seeks the truth as it really is, then they will see it as it really is. If they look to grab truth, then how they perceive truth reflects only what they want to see and they can not see it as it really is.

Regarding the quote that all things are possible with God, please note it is all good things that are possible with God. God is perfect goodness and truth. Therefore, He can not contradict Himself and do something that is evil, nor change what He has thought or done. With God, there is no potentiality. What He thinks ... is from all eternity. Therefore, if Jesus does something in a moment of time such as dying for the redemption of humanity, then God thinks and does it from all eternity. It always has been, but was never actualized until at a moment in time it occured to be made present for humanity.

Likewise, if God only ordains men as priests, then there can be no mistake that only men can be priests. There is no error in Jesus's action. He does not do things to cater to the time. If that was so, he would have ordained women priests since the pagan religions had women priests. Rather, He made a decision from all eternity and it was then made present in a moment of time by a particular action the second person of God, Jesus Christ.

If Jesus only ordained men as priests and commanded them to do likewise, then it can be said with the certitude of faith that only men can be priests.


December 9th, 2007 - Jim-5730 said:

E. None of the above. While "Yes" comes the closest, that should be qualified with the statement that I don't feel called. Likewise, "I already considered it and am not any longer" isn't an exact match either because I think we should always remain open to whatever God calls us to do. I'm pushing 40, so it doesn't seem likely. But don't we all go through life trying to listen and be obedient to God's will? I don't think being a priest is in my future. But I can't just stop listening.