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Chat Room Rules

The intent of the chat rooms is to facilitate Catholic community. By enabling members to encounter each other in a group setting, the chat rooms can facilitate friendships, relationships and marriages.
The following terms of use are designed to protect the community atmosphere. In several of the points we have included examples of behavior that violate the spirit of the rules. If CatholicMatch administration determines a member to have violated the terms-in either letter or spirit, chat room privileges can be removed and the member's account may be removed without refund.

  1. No personal inflammatory comments. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. You may not question a person's Catholicity. You may only question the Catholicity of their ideas, so long as it is backed up with approved Church documentation.
    2. Telling someone you will pray for them and doing it in a snide context. If you have prayers to offer, do them in private, and not as a weapon to win an argument.
    3. Implying that a disagreement with your position makes a debate opponent hard-hearted or otherwise short of character.
    4. Telling your opponents they are mentally ill or otherwise unstable.
  2. No inflammatory language against the Church.
    1. Disagreement with an infallible teaching must be done in a spirit of respect and with a sincere intent to work to a deeper understanding of the Church's teaching.
    2. Disagreement on an area where the Church permits open debate must be done with respect and charity. Saying the pope was incorrect in allowing altar girls is an example of charitable disagreement. Saying the pope is a neo-Masonic leftist coward who caves to modernity at every turn is not. Saying the pope should allow for a married priesthood is an example of charitable disagreement. Saying the pope is a misogynistic troglodyte bent on the suppression of women's rights is not.
  3. Harassment of other users via private e-mail, because of their posts is strictly prohibited and will result in removal of your account.
    1. Harassment is when a member goes beyond simply offering their own views in private correspondence and into personal cut-downs. It also applies when a member is asked to refrain from private correspondence, regardless of how benign the original e-mail may have been.
  4. Private messages are private and they are not to be posted or discussed in the chat rooms without mutual agreement from both parties.
  5. Other members who are not an active part of the conversation may not be discussed in any way
  6. Discussion concerning the disciplinary action or decisions by CatholicMatch administration is forbidden.
    1. The help ticket system is designed for this. CatholicMatch does not engage public debate on issues of discipline, as our privacy policy often precludes us from revealing pertinent information.
  7. No vulgar, abusive, racist or sexist language. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Using the Lord's name in vain.
    2. Using substitute characters (* _, etc.) to veil curse words.
    3. Using abreviations of curse words or phrases.
  8. If you post articles from other sites, post only a brief excerpt of the article, followed by a link to the website.
  9. No self-promotion. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Promotion of your own business venture(s).
    2. Seeking employment in any chat room.
  10. Discussions on sexuality must be respectful, non-personal and academic.
  11. No obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, nudity or links to same.
    CatholicMatch considers the context of a chat and a member's past history in making disciplinary decisions. All interpretation in this regard is left strictly to CatholicMatch administration.
  12. No political discussion