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CM Destination 10-Day Tour: Ireland 2011

Jul 20th - Jul 29th 2011 Dublin IRL — We officially have 38 CM-ers attending CM Ireland.. 18 Cm-ers Attending CM Scotland... Thank you to everyone for your support.. Maybe if all goes ...

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Dublin, 15 IRL

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Event Details

We officially have 38 CM-ers attending CM Ireland.. 18 Cm-ers Attending CM Scotland... Thank you to everyone for your support.. Maybe if all goes well.. We will have another CM Ireland/CM Scotland in the future..

The CM Ireland Attendees.. Ithro, Kim, Monica, Margot, Chris, Susie, Glynne, Corntie, Lynne, Tom, Mack, Hilda, Karen, Christie, Tim, Kelly, Jacque, Lucy, Ruanne, Judy, Rhonda, Ron, Suzette, Gary, Mark, Lisa, Barbara, Cathy, Gloria, Edna, Ellen, Lauren, Mary, Teresa, George, Anna, Tracy and Liam..

The CM Scotland Attendees.. Kim, Monica, Chris, Susie, Glynne, Corntie, Hilda, Ruanne, Judy, Rhonda, Suzette, Gary, Lisa, Cathy, Gloria, Edna, George and Tracy



CM Ireland is Offically SOLD OUT!!! ( as of June 2011)..

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in attending.. We had an amazing amount of interest and we officially have 38 CM-ers on their way to Ireland in July.. Slainte!!!

ADD your name to the event page if you want updated information as I will be mass emailing everyone from time to time. If your name isn't on the event page, you could miss vital info!  Thanks!

CM IRELAND 2011- 10 Day Tour
Official TOUR DAYS in IRELAND... July 20th (Weds) morning/early afternoon to July 29th (Friday) evening time, 2011

Those in North America, Canada, etc.. you would leave July 19th (TUESDAY) to arrive in DUBLIN on the 20th of JULY (WED).. Most flights leave USA in evening.. you would arrive in DUBLIN in the morning...

Those in Europe and/or on this side of the pond.. You would leave on the 20th of July (WEDS) to arrive on the same day 20th of July(WEDS), arrive early morning .

Side Tour to Scotland...  See below for details...

Arriving to DUBLIN (DUB)

You will leave July 19th, 2011 (TUESDAY)- cheapest day to fly out- Most flights leave in evening time.
and you will ARRIVE in DUBLIN on July 20th (WEDS)- early morning.. OVER NIGHT FLIGHTS.
Your GOAL is to Arrive in Dublin early morning on the 20th of JULY..
This allows you to take advantage of daytime activities and to kick off our Night time activity.

For those DEPARTING from EUROPEAN time ZONE...
You would leave July 20th, (WEDS) to arrive the same day...partake in daytime activities and to kick off our Night time activity.


Please book your departure flight to DUBLIN to arrive around the times of 8am-10am... Eariler flights are welcomed but any flights later and you run the risk of missing our first tour and you will need to find your own transportation to our hotel. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, etc.


You would leave July 30th, 2011 (SATURDAY) or any day after you choose if you wish to remain in Dublin longer.

We will be returning back to Dublin from our Ireland Tour in the evening time on July 28th (Thursday)..

If you are continuing on with the CM SCOTLAND Tour... 5 Days/ 4 nights....

We will be leaving for Scotland on July 29th ( Friday) returning to DUBLIN on August 2st ( Tuesday).. 

FOR CM SCOTLAND... your flight back home to NORTH AMERICA would be on August 2nd or August 3rd.. This is a total of 2 weeks in Europe.


CM IRELAND Land Package- 1100 (EURO) per person, double occupancy

New Price as of March 12th, 2011 is 1250 (Euro) per person, double occupancy

FIRST DEPOSIT- November 1st, 2010-  300 (Euro)

* This deposit is your commitment to me that you are indeed coming and at this time I will be booking accomodation based ONLY on the number of people who have sent in their first initial deposit. Anyone who sends in their moneies after this date runs the risk of not having a room.

SECOND DEPOSIT- Febuary 1st, 2011- 300 (Euro) 

For those signing up after March 12th, 2011 600 Euro is due

THIRD DEPOSIT-   May 1st, 2011- 300 (Euro)  

FOURTH and FINAL Payment - DUE June 1st- 200 (EURO)

For those signing up after of March 12th, 2011 350 (euro) is due

Some random info...

I am creating CM Ireland to give EVERYONE that chance to cross it off your bucket list. Most people otherwise would not be able to come to Ireland on their own so my main focus is to make everyone happy.. a daunting task (LOL), but I'm up for the challenge. My hope is that I give you enough choices along the way to suit your budget and your wants and needs. While this is a tour of Ireland designed done solely by me, I hope you find it more flexible then if you were to go to a travel agent and pay twice the price..

I chose the summer for Ireland because as much as I wish I could control the weather, I can not.. I cant promise you no rain (bring your wellies and Brollys) but our Spring as bought snow and bitter cold and I am not willing to chance that type of weather.. More people have requested Summer, so I have had to go with the majority. This time of year is more expense, but my promise to get the best deals on this side of the pond, is a BIG focus. 

There will be a non-refundable deposit due.. This is your confirmation and commitment to me that you are coming... Once I have these figures in, I will start booking hotels. I will not book hotels until I have your confirmation in coming.. deposit is also for the need to pay some vendors up front..

First (non-refundable) deposit will be due on or before NOVEMBER 1st, 2010... The amount is TBA but you will be looking at approx 300.. (EUROS) so you have 3 months from now to start working on this deposit. I will set other PAYMENT deadlines. As I have done in the past with CM Chicago, total amount will not be due all at once unless you want it that way.. I find payment plans work for most people.

I will be working with EUROS not USD so you will have to be mindful of the exchange rate.. I will accept PAYPAL and Money Orders only.

Money orders can be in American dollars and my bank will convert it to Euros. Please be sure to send the correct amount equal to 300(euro).

You are responsible for your own Flight to and from DUBLIN....
For those going to Scotland.. I WILL BE BUYING the tickets for all of us.

You might consider TRAVEL INSURANCE should anything happen since I will not be responsible.


Ireland is a small country but there is alot to do and alot to see. I figured if you are spending the time and money to come over, I will do my best to give you as much as I can of Ireland.. Hence the 10 day tour.. We can not possibly get everything done and seen. Some people wished for the tour to be shorter, I wish it could be longer. I could not possibly get done what I think you all want with anytime shorter than 10 days. Again, if you are spending the money to come over you might as well sit back and stay awhile.. For most people this may be the one and only time they come to Ireland.. so I am treating it at such. I will incorporate within the tour group activities, free time, relaxing time and busy time.

We will start off in Dublin. Spending the night in Dublin on July 20 (ARRIVAL DAY)


Leaving Dublin on Thursday July 21st for our Tour of Southern and Western Ireland.
Visiting Counties/areas and activities* may include but not limited too..... East, South and West Ireland.


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July 17th, 2011 - Tracy-57589 said:

38 Total including Liam and me and 18 going to CM Scotland..... :D


July 17th, 2011 - Tracy-57589 said:

Im deleting the ones in the Attending section who are NOT actually attending... We do have 36 total arriving on Wednesday.. 3 short days from now!!!!!!!!! ( I better clean the house) LOL


July 4th, 2011 - Hilda-184281 said:

The countdown has started for me!.... 15 days to CM Ireland & Scotland 2011!!! :D


June 22nd, 2011 - Jack-418467 said:

For those stateside and who do not want to wait to exchange currency at Dublin Airport you can do it in the states. I know this option will not work for everyone, but it maks it easier to start your holiday.American express has Euro traveler's checks, they also have some suburban locations,2% commission. Chase seems to only have actual Euro's and only at major Downtown locations. CitiBank has Euro traveler's checks and paper euro's at major branches, they will also order them at smaller braches 1.5% customer commision.Citi rates can very by market. And if you don't use all your traveler checks you can convert them back into dollars. Enjoy the Craic ( it's not a drug)


June 2nd, 2011 - Tracy-57589 said:

Thanks Mary... Seems like its going that way , eh! :D


May 12th, 2011 - Tracy-57589 said:

Got it Hilda! :D