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CM Kentucky & Cincinnati - Cross the Bridge For Life

Jun 2nd 2013 Covington and Newport KY — The Cincy part of the Indy CM Crew is going to host a gathering of CMmers for the Greater Cincinnati's Annual Cross the Bridge for Life walk. H...

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Event Address & Contacts

Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and World Peace Bell
Covington and Newport, KY 41071 USA

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Event Details

The Cincy part of the Indy CM Crew is going to host a gathering of CMmers for the Greater Cincinnati's Annual Cross the Bridge for Life walk. Hundreds of prolifers will gather Sunday June 2 in Newport, KY at the World Peace Bell to walk across the Purple People Bridge (yes, that is it's name!) in prayerful support of all life. We'd like to invite all of you to join us in this fun day! We will gather at The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, KY for 10:00 am Mass with Bishop Foys. Let's meet no later than 9:30 am in the parking lot next to the cathedral.  After Mass we will grab a quick bite to eat, and then join everyone at the Peace Bell for the festivities, which begin at 1:30. There will be prayer, guest speakers, music and song, and free t-shirts. Get there early! Parking and t-shirts become scarce quickly! The walk begins at 3:00. It's not long or difficult, but it is highly public as we traverse the Ohio River, cross into Cincinnati and come back. We will be done well before 4:00. Cincinnati JTM hamburgers are being served afterwards free to all walkers. After the event is over our group will mostly like enjoy a famous Graeters' Icecream at a nearby parlor. Then we will decide what we do from there. Perhaps we will just kick back at a local park, take in some sites at Newport along the Levee or see a movie. It all depends on the mood, weather, and what crops up. If anyone wants to come from out of town and make a weekend of it, let me know. We can make that happen. There are reasonably priced hotels very near me, and I will be glad to play hostess and show you around town. Perhaps Saturday would be a good day to take in the Cincinnati Zoo. (The Reds are out of town-- darn!) Check out the official web page for the walk. I do hope you will join me and some of the Indy CM Crew for this fun and uplifting day! We've done this in the past and had a great time as friends. This year we'd like to see our group expand. Don't hesitate to ask questions.  Cross The Bridge For Life

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June 13th, 2013 - Dawn-58330 said:

We had twenty people join us for dinner Saturday night and 18 for the walk on Sunday (the groups had a big overlap but there were people who could not attend the two events.) There were probably about 4000 at the bridge walk in total. It WAS a great event! Like Rob said, it was great to do something together that was profoundly Catholic in expression and to stand up for Life! Thank you everyone for attending! I'm looking forward to next year. (I think they've wrangled me to be on the planning committee for the whole event.) :)


May 29th, 2013 - Polly-80821 said:

Sounds great but I volunteer at Summerfair Cincinnati is this weekend - Friday - Saturady and Sunday - Join us afterwards at Coney Island. visit for more info!


May 27th, 2013 - Joan-661558 said:

I plan to drive over Sat. afternoon and would be happy to join the group for dinner and whatever you are planning.


May 25th, 2013 - Dawn-58330 said:

Hello friends!! I am really excited about seeing you next weekend! Unless you and I have arranged otherwise, let's meet by 9:30 am on Sunday at the cathedral for Mass. (Unfortunately, Bishop Foys is not schedule to have Mass but it will still be absolutely beautiful.) meeting this early will give people time to meet, see the cathedral, and get good seats together. (I will get there even earlier.) Please look for the balloons in the parking lot-- they will identify our group.

If you would like details about where a large group of CM friends are eating on Saturday night, email me. We would love to have you join us!!

As always, keep me updated on your plans.


May 20th, 2013 - Joan-661558 said:

Anyone driving from western Ky or Louisville?