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CM Indy Fall Camp Out 2013

Oct 11th - Oct 13th 2013 Loogootee IN — (5th Annual) 2013 Indy Camp Out Friday, Oct 11, 2pm to Sunday, Oct 13th, 4pm -  Registration deadline Sept 15th Join the Indy grou...

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Event Address & Contacts

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Loogootee, IN USA

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Event Details

(5th Annual) 2013 Indy Camp Out

Friday, Oct 11, 2pm to Sunday, Oct 13th, 4pm -  Registration deadline Sept 15th

Join the Indy group at Tracys Loogootee, Indiana paradise!  (New location this year!)  

Plenty of things to do, including:

  FISHING (bring poles/bait, tackle box, stringer or bucket),

  CAMPING (bring tent, ground tarp, air mattress / cot, flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, and your own mess kit),

  BONFIRES (bring lawn chair, singing voice, flashlight, musical instrument, roasting stick, bug spray),

  GAMES (corn hole, ladder ball, lawn darts, Frisbee, horse shoes, croquet, volleyball, etc),

  SWIMMING (the lake is lovely, although remember it IS October in Indy, so itll be a chilly activity),

  HIKING on the property, West Boggs Lake is nearby, and Hindostan is close (google it!),

  PADDLE BOAT (or feel free to bring your canoe / kayak / raft non motorized please),

  PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST (bring carving supplies, and bring one from home or buy a pumpkin there),

  SPIRITUAL FILL-UP Join the group rosary at noon on Sat, and/or walk the Biblical Garden anytime,


  HAYRIDE complete with singalong!


  PLENTY OF FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP Spend time getting to know folks, make some new friends!

Come for as much or as little of the weekend as you wish, join us to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall colors, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.    This is a camping weekend, so please come prepared to spend your days and nights outdoors regardless of weather. 


$35 ACTIVITY FEE FOR CAMPERS  -  Your Activity Fee goes towards the main meals, misc supplies, equipment and expenses it takes a lot to put on a weekend like this.   It includes Sat / Sun morning coffee, Fri dinner, Sat bfast and dinner and Sun bfast and 3pm farewell meal (food only.)    Each camper supplies their own camping gear, lunches, snacks, drinks and mess kit/paper good for all their meals - for the duration of their stay.


$20 ACTIVITY FEE FOR DAY VISITORS / HOTEL FOLKS to offset supplies, equipment, expenses.   Fill out a registration form and add an additional $5 per meal to dine with us.   Bring your own lawn chair, drinks, snacks, lunches and mess kit.   Consult the CAMPERS CHECKLIST for anything else you may want to bring for your visit.

MASS:  Were planning to attend as a group 5pm Saturday at St. John Catholic Church in Loogootee.  

REMEMBER:  This is a CAMP OUT.   Well dine on simple foods and spend our time outdoors.  There is a restroom available for basic wash ups, but we ask everyone to stay out of the main house.

Tentative Schedule

FRIDAY arrivals anytime after 2.  Well have a crock pot of sloppy joes as well as hot dogs available all evening.  Visit with folks as they arrive, enjoy some smores, and get ready for some singing around the campfire.  Plenty of folks to help you pitch your tent and set up camp.   Have those flashlights handy, esp if you arrive after dark. Note:  there are separate men / women camping areas.

SATURDAY Fish in the early hours if youd like.   Enjoy some quiet time with nature as the world around you awakens.   Enjoy your coffee and a hot breakfast.   Go on a nature walk, take a boat ride, carve your pumpkin for the contest, challenge someone to a game of corn hole, ladder ball or frisbee golf.   Get a game of volleyball going.  Visit the chickens and goats a rarity for city folks!   Bring your camera there are gorgeous photo opportunities. Are you into history?   Hindostan is nearby (google it!) so is the town cemetery.  Bring your favorite book or craft to relax on one of numerous swings, in one of many gazebos plenty of places to be alone or have quiet small discussions.   Spend reflective time in the Biblical Garden.   West Boggs Lake (park) is not far organize a hike.  Attend Sat 5pm mass as a group.   End the day with a lasagna dinner, a bonfire, and check out the stars.  Bring your musical instrument if you play one share those talents.

SUNDAY Have a cup of coffee while the birds chirp their morning greetings.  Enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning hot breakfast.  Choose whatever activity youd like to try next, or repeat some of your favorites again.  Gather a group for an activity of your choosing.   Join in our farewell meal at 3pm, but depart as your own schedule dictates thats the beauty of this event nothing is set in stone.

 NOTE:   The full address will be sent upon receipt of completed registration forms and fees.   No walk ins.

Feel free to bring your friends and family wed love a big turnout!   Family members / visitors / guests of all ages are welcome just make sure everyone submits a registration form and all fees by Sept. 15th.


Below are three main forms:   a CAMPERS CHECKLIST, an INFORMATION SHEET, and a detailed 2-page REGISTRATION FORM.   If you still have questions contact us to get everything answered and settled WELL AHEAD the weekend.   


CAMPERS CHECKLIST You are responsible for bringing these items:

1.      Lunches, snacks and all drinks (except morning coffee) for the duration of your stay.  Please cover any and all special dietary needs as well.   Weather permitting, well have a campfire and grill available for cooking your campfire meals, hot dogs, etc.    SHOW US YOUR SKILLS get creative!   Feel free to bring your own camp stove.


2.      Mess kit - including plate, bowl, utensils, cup, and napkins for ALL meals.  (Dish washing station will be available, so bring a mesh laundry bag to hang your dishes on the line to dry between meals, or a drying towel.)   If you choose to bring paper goods - be sure to bring enough for all meals for the duration of your stay.


3.      Camping gear including tent, ground cloth, air mattress/warm bedding, folding chair or blanket to sit on (label and only use your own chair for campfires and meals pls), flashlight and spare batteries, rain poncho, umbrella, cooler, bug spray, sun block, your own toiletries / towels, plenty of warm clothing, and a pair of spare shoes  - plan for all types of weather.  Bring roasting sticks, mini folding tables and air pumps if you have them.  You can sleep in your car if desired.


4.      Carving supplies for the contest.  Pumpkins will be available for purchase (approx $6) or you can bring your own.


5.      Paper and pen for various activities.


6.      Camera record some memories.


7.      Ear Plugs (esp if you plan to share a tent.)


8.      Devotional reading and/or rosary we will have a group rosary during the weekend.


9.      Mass clothes   nothing fancy needed.  Were hoping everyone will attend Sat night mass together as a group.  There is something special about worshipping together.


10.    Musical Instrument or songbooks if you have one, please share your talents with us.   Were planning a sing-a-long around the campfire.

If necessary, borrow the above items from a friend, relative, neighbor, etc.       Feel free to post on the Event Pages to see if another camper can help you out with spares work together to share items.




 $35 per person for Campers - includes Fri dinner, Sat bfast and dinner, Sun bfast and 3pm farewell meal, and coffee on both Sat/Sun mornings.   (You can join us for some or all of these meals, however, the fee will NOT be adjusted if you miss one or more.)   Also helps offset equipment, misc supplies and expenses, etc.  It all adds up!

$20 per person for Day Visitors does NOT include meals, there is a $5 additional fee per meal for those.

The provided meals will be simple foods:  pulled pork sandwiches, salads and dressings, lasagna and rolls,  hot dogs, continental breakfasts, etc.    This way if anyone cancels there will still be basic main foods available to feed attendees.   You provide your own drinks, lunches, snacks, and mess kit or paper goods.

 PLEASE NOTE:    This is a CAMP OUT - roughing it should be expected.    Do NOT plan on hot showers, but you will be able to wash up with your own towels and toiletries.   There is limited electricity bring your own long outdoor extension cords if you must plug something in.   Campers will get the whole outdoors experience, no matter what the weather, so come prepared for cold, rain, sun - whatever.   The house is off limits  - Tracy has kids there respect their personal space and privacy.    Pitching in is expected of everyone gathering firewood, helping put tables and chairs back where they belong at night, set up and clean up of meals and activities, set up and tear down of supplies, etc.

 AGAIN, everyone should arrange for their own camping gear and supplies, and provide their own lunches, drinks, snacks and meal supplies for the weekend.   Use the comments sections on Event Pages if you have extra gear to loan out, or need to borrow something, or have extra room in your tent.   Work together with other attendees listed on the Event Pages for pitch in lunches or supplies if you wish see how creative you can be.   IF you absolutely cannot stand the thought of camping look into nearby hotels in Loogootee, or perhaps think about catching us at another outing more suitable to your comfort level.


Indy Camp Out Registration Form

Friday Oct. 11, 2pm  Sunday Oct 13, 4pm

Registration Deadline:   Sept. 15, 2013


CAMPER ACTIVITY FEE$35    (Includes: Fri dinner, Sat bfast and dinner, and Sunday bfast and 3pm farewell meal, and coffee Sat and Sun mornings only.) 

DAY VISITOR ACTIVITY FEE - $20  (does not include meals, see below)


CAMPER Early Arrival / Late Departure Meal Fees

($5 per meal, per person)  check all that apply:     ___Thurs dinner     ___Fri bfast       __Sun late dinner        __Monday bfast

Day Visitor Meal Fees - $5 per meal / per person.

Please indicate below which SPECIFIC meals you will be joining us for, so we have accurate totals.

    ___Fri dinner      ___Sat bfast       ___Sat dinner         __Sun bfast        __Sun 3pm meal

ALL LUNCHES, DRINKS, and SNACKS ARE ON YOUR OWN bring enough for the weekend.

TOTAL ENCLOSED:       $____________    Make checks payable to Mary Lukins and send with fully completed forms to:   CAMA Indy Camp Out, c/o Mary Lukins, PO Box 1023, Carmel, IN 46033.   

LIABILITY RELEASE   (Each participant MUST sign to attend, no exceptions.)

By signing below, you assume FULL responsibility for any accidents or injuries involving  you and others while in transit to/from and during this event .  You release your hosts and all other attendees from any liability for accidents or injury that may occur on this long weekend.   You are attending voluntarily, and will use common sense, safety, respect and courtesy in your actions and interactions with all guests and activities.   This is for your own protection as well as others.   Thank you.

PRINT NAME___________________________________      Date________________




(Each participant must complete a form and sign a release.  Parents please complete a form for each minor child.)


Name___________________________________________ CM #:____________________________





Phone (cell) _________________________________for us to contact you en route if necessary.

Preferred E-Mail (for communication purposes) _______________________________________________


Est arrival time/day:_______________

Est departure time/day:___________________

(Early arrivals and late departures are fine, we just need head counts to know how to plan meals.  Please call or text if your plans change so we wont worry about you. )

driving own car____      carpooling w/___________________

Work out carpools & arrange to borrow gear on your own, please.   Post your request in comments on CM / FB Event pages and in Forum /CAMA Indy thread so everyone can see it.


Emergency Contact/phone #/relationship:____________________________________


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October 13th, 2013 - Rosemarie-58633 said:

Awesome it was Jessica!


October 9th, 2013 - Mary-363093 said:

Andrew - all the prizes this year are Colts-themed. And YOU just won the first one, you lucky guy! I KNOW you're happy about that!

(Kidding - about all of it. No Colts prizes, and no 100th comment prize for you, but good try!)

Last full day to ask questions - I head south on Thursday and won't be on the computer nearly as much to check in. Getting excited - it's almost here!!


October 7th, 2013 - Andrew-85878 said:

100th comment gets a special prize at the campout. Oh... wait. ;)


October 6th, 2013 - Mary-363093 said:

I know some of you have already let Tracy know you'd like to purchase one of her pumpkins for the carving contest, rather than lug one there yourself.

For anyone else - if you want Tracy to have a pumpkin there for YOU to purchase ($5-6) PLEASE let her know no later than Wednesday! Post a comment here or in the Meet Ups room thread, or write her privately.

There is also a tent challenge (optional) for decorating or personalizing your tent. This is new this year, was more or less thrown out there by Lady Dawn, and is just for fun. I'm expecting to see a sports rivalry or two, some lights and Halloween decor, and some 'other' themed campsites. Feel free to bring your own flair and join the fun!


October 3rd, 2013 - Dawn-58330 said:

WhooooHoooo! So excited! In fact, I'm packing this weekend. :) Gotta load up Martha (my car) and make sure I have everything. Looking forward to being with some of the best people on the planet, and meeting some new ones. Safe preparations and travels, everyone.


October 2nd, 2013 - Hilda-184281 said:

Yes Mary, I got your email with the directions!! And yes, this city woman is enjoying the outdoors, CM Indy style: inthe Fall (so is neither hot nor cooold, and there are no bugs!!!). The company of all these great CMers (and the Indy group!) makes all the difference


October 2nd, 2013 - Tracy-929496 said:

Just follow the sound of fish swishing through the lake, the calf mooing for his bottle, the chickens cackling 'eggs are ready!', the melodic water fountain singing its song, the campfire crackling, the aroma of fall flowers and outdoor cooking and you'll have no trouble at all...