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CM Philly Catholic Retreat for Singles

Jun 27th - Jun 29th 2014 Malvern PA — Coming Closer to God and Hearing His Voice in Your Life: A Catholic Retreat for Singles Join our two dynamic and inspirational retreat le...

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Malvern Retreat House
315 S. Warren Ave.
Malvern, PA USA

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Coming Closer to God and Hearing His Voice in Your Life: A Catholic Retreat for Singles

Join our two dynamic and inspirational retreat leaders for a life-changing weekend that will help you grow closer to God as you take time away from the everyday cares and worries, enabling you to hear Gods voice in your life.


Registration includes Saturday night wine and cheese reception.


Bryan Mercier, a popular Catholic retreat director, speaker and writer, is a contributor for the CatholicMatch Institute. For the past 15 years he has been speaking to groups of all ages on topics including faith formation, love and relationships, spirituality, and apologetics. He especially enjoys helping people to learn, love, and live out their Catholic faith more passionately, while helping them draw closer to God.

Fr. Steve DeLacy is well-known throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and beyond as a popular retreat director, Theology on Tap speaker, and Young Adult ministry leader. Ordained in 2004, Fr. DeLacy served as parochial vicar of SS Peter & Paul Parish and as school minister for Archbishop Carroll and Pope John Paul II High Schools before being named recently to his position as Director of the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Vocation Office.

Register online or call (610) 644-0400

Print off our flyer to share with your parish, singles group, or a friend!

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June 19th, 2014 - Jennifer-864607 said:

I registered for this retreat almost two months ago when it was first announced. I have sent a couple emails to the organizers regarding directions to the Malvern Retreat House and other details. They have been very kind and timely in their responses. The person I spoke to a few weeks ago said that a letter detailing the actual event will be sent a week before the event to all those who registered. So, I assume that will be received some time this week or early next week. Yesterday I received a call asking if I would mind having a room mate as opposed to a single room. FYI: They are doubling up in the main building with air conditioning and private bathrooms, and the single rooms are in a dorm style building with school style bathrooms. I chose to have a roommate though I reserved with the expectation of a single room. I also asked the age range of the guests as I was very concerned for wanting to meet folks in a similar age group and the person said many are in my age range (late 30's to early 40's is my range, with many in 40's-60's). She said next year they will take age ranges into account and may organize similar events accordingly since this event has had a huge response as of yesterday (June 18th). I hope to see all of you there. I am a little apprehensive about going as this is my first time going some place by myself without my young son that isn't to see family. I have been single for four years now, and this year is the first time I am branching out and embracing the idea of doing things alone where matters of the heart are concerned. In July I will take my first solo vacation alone that doesn't involve traveling with my son and seeing family too... I decided this past Mother's Day that I would honor myself as God guides and holds my heart now as my "Spiritual Husband" (advice from my best friend as I attempt to move on and move forward in my life, and taking care of my spirit for once in my life).

As to the many questions here.. the retreat is from 5pm on Friday the 27th until midday on Sunday th


June 17th, 2014 - Hilda-184281 said:

Hi Mary! - That's a great question. You need to call the Malvern Retreat House for that and ask them that. From my own experience attending their traditional retreats, I've seen people regiistering for the whole retreat and then leaving Sunday morning before breakfast, and even Saturday evening after dinner, because of commitments on Sunday. I've also seen people arriving late on Friday either at the end of dinner or even after because of all sorts of circumstances. I've arrived late on Friday quite a few times because of travel issues or because I couldn't freed myself early on Friday to start the 8 hrs drive by 10am.


May 29th, 2014 - Hilda-184281 said:

I called the Malvern Retreat House (MRH) today, asked 2 questions, and these are the answers:

1) This retreat is totally on and has absolutely no chance of being cancelled (I figured that but decided to ask anyway).

2) As of today (at 1:20 pm) there were 45 people already registered!!

The MRH has several facilities, allowing to hold 3 separate retreats simultaneously. This retreat will be held at the newest facility, the Family Life Center (FLC), which has 47 double occupancy rooms, each with it's own bathroom.

Typically, registrations accelerate in the last month. So, if you want to secure your spot, go on and register soon; if you call to register once the FLC is at full occupancy, you may be put on "waiting list" (I've been in that situation).


May 26th, 2014 - Hilda-184281 said:

Charles - Each year I attend 2 traditional retreats (sometimes 3) at Malvern RH. If the general schedule of this retreat is like that of a traditional retreat, then it will likely be this:

Friday - starts around 5 pm with Registration (you will receive the retreat's detailed schedule at this time), Dinner at 6 pm, and the 1st talk at 8 or 8:30pm.

Sunday - retreat ends with Mass, which starts at 10, 10:30 or 11:00 am (the exact time will be on the retreat's schedule); the last meal is Sunday's breakfast.

To my knowledge the stay at the MRH is only for the duration of the retreat. You will have to call the MRH at 610-644-0400 and ask if they offer or make special accommodations.

My suggestion for anyone that need or want to arrive a day before and/or leave a day (or more) after the retreat, is to stay those extra days at a hotel (or Bed & Breakfast). Look for lodging within walking distance from of any of the train stations on SEPTA Paoli/Thorndale line; that way you would not have to worry about whether taxi service is available. An easy layout of the train stations along the SEPTA Paoli/Thorndale line, with link to SEPTA website is available through this link:

The MRT is about 15 minutes walk South (along S Warren Ave.) from the Malvern train station. Here are links to the MRH, and to this retreat respectively.


May 24th, 2014 - Charles-519564 said:

I am making arrangements to attend but lack some information I need. As I will be out of town most of the time till the event starts I need to do this now while it is easy. Some of the things I need to know include:

1. The schedule of events. A link would do. Possibly I have overlooked it. Specifically I need to know the hour and day it starts and ends. How soon can I check in and when must I leave?

2. Is it possible to arrive a day early and leave a day or two late? How much do they charge for extra nights and meals? Is this even possible?

3. Is this event certain? I only see 1 person confirmed as attending with everyone else saying "maybe". I don`t want to reserve transportation and find the event canceled.