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CM Boston

Oct 6th - Oct 8th 2006 Boston MA — What better place to be in fall then beautiful New England? Tour Freedom Trail, take a scenic drive and much more! You can find all your answe...

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Boston, MA 02101 USA

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What better place to be in fall then beautiful New England? Tour Freedom Trail, take a scenic drive and much more!

You can find all your answers at our website--

The activities fee schedule is as follows:

Sent before 9/15/06
Adults: $157
Children: $61.25

Sent after 9/15/06
Adults: $167
Children: $66

When you fill out your registration form, please be sure to include your choice of dinner on Saturday evening and your choice of brunch on Sunday afternoon.

Contact the roommate coordinators before reserving your room to avoid double bookings:

Women: Becky-68929
Men: Michael-1085

*** This is a family-friendly event. Children are welcome! ***

Event Guests

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Event Comments

October 10th, 2006 - Anna-152570 said:

Thank you!:
I had such a great time at CM Boston. What an amazing city!! Thank you everyone for making it such a memorable experience. From Cheers on Thursday to Fenway on Friday, Little Italy and lobster at Anthony's on Saturday to that beautiful church we went to mass at Sunday, I had a fabulous time and the weekend flew by. The clam chowder was plentiful

Love, Anna B.

(I counted 12 Dunkin Donuts from the freeway to the airport ;) )

I think I had at least 7 cups.


October 8th, 2006 - Rachel-137756 said:

Awesome Time:
CM Boston 06 was fantastic. Hats off to all those who worked so hard to organize this event, especially Becky and Nick. Can't wait till the next CM Event. Food was fantastic but the fellowship with other like minded Catholics was inspiring to say the least. Just wished someone could have headed up the rosary for Our Lady on Sat. the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.


October 5th, 2006 - Jacqueline-198 said:

Hey Becky: You mean, Quincy is not Kinsey?! But actually Quincy?! Wow..for once!! Pronounced just as it's spelled!! Woo hoo!! Now..Dunkacinos are nice but Vanilla Chais are nicer (pronounced in eyes!) and their Cinnamon Sticks rock, but now they have gotten 'fancy' and have some French Toast can do..Cinnamon!! Anywho...Godwilling I will be up there around 2..give or take..can hardly wait to meet ya!! And have some Chowdah! Tracy I hope you went to the 'real' Cheers..not the 'set' Cheers at the Quincy Market!! :hug:


October 5th, 2006 - Tracy-57589 said:

ANNA got her DONUTS:
Coconut donut and a dunkin-chino......... Whatever that is!!!


WE are all in BOSTON! YIP YEE~ Cheers, here we come!


October 5th, 2006 - Jacqueline-198 said:

Dunkin Donuts?!: Where?Where? Oh yeah, EVERYWHERE!! Did you know that there are about 84 Dunkin Donuts in Boston proper (I leanred that in the Duck Tours in August!) Did you know that Dunkin Donuts was born in Quincy, MA circa 1953 (learned that in the Food Network) Did you know that Jacqueline 198 is a serious addict? Well now you Anna, let's see how many we can hit this weekend?! Chica, there is even one at several T stations, Alewife, Govt. Center...makes a junkie like me really really happy!! :)