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Jul 30th 2013 new
Yes..We are on the list wink
Jan 17th 2014 new
lil mikie
Jan 18th 2014 new
wave Donna! I take that to mean that you two not-so-newlyweds are happy and having the time of your lives!! wink
Jan 19th 2014 new
congrat to all ... may our loving and gentle mother, blessed Virgin Mary and God pour blessing and graces on your new betroth family with happiness/harmony and infinite love... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose
Feb 20th 2014 new
hug For those feeling blue, alone and left out of the circle, I bumped this up to remind you that it's not all bad on this path as you await your loved one. Just hold on tight to God has He brings your beloved to you. You are a success story!!! :hu
Feb 20th 2014 new
(quote) Beverly-649723 said: Donna! I take that to mean that you two not-so-newlyweds are happy and having the time of your lives!!
Every day gets better than the day before.. Having a great time!
Mar 5th 2014 new
(quote) Donna-83441 said: Part Deaux..

M--Tracy & Liam *LDR IL--IRL
M--Colleen & Al *LDR NJ--CT
M--Pat & Dan *LDR KY--MI ##
M--Katherine & Ryan *LDR WI--ND
M--Patti & Dave *LDR TX--OH
M--Bob & Molly *LDR IN-OH
M--Joan & Jerome *LDR PA--WA
M--Denise & Chris *LDR FL--IL
M-- Vinnie & Francine *LDR NY--MA ##
M--Rose & Paul * LDR Both in NY but 300 miles apart
M-- Isabel & Tim *LDR ID--MD
M--Karen Lee & Joe * LDR GA--MA ##
M--Piper John & Marie * LDR SC--LA
M--Ann & Doug *LDR KY--CA
M--Ashleigh & Tommy *LDR SCOT--MI USA
M--Jessica & Joseph *LDR AUS--MO USA
M--James & Nana *LDR USA--AUS
M--Celeste & Dan *LDR MD--PA
M--Jelina & Carl *LDR TX--NM
M--Lorena & Richard *LDR Both in CA but 300+ miles apart
M--Nicholette & Mike *LDR MD--AL
M--Susan & Hans *LDR CA--CAN
M--Marcy & Brett *LDR MO--FL
M--Stephanie & Michael *LDR IN--CA M--Heidi & Glenn *LDR GA--OKM--Jenni & Robbie *LDR ?--FL
M--Julie & Bob *LDR CAN--NC
M--Harry & Bev *LDR OR--CT
M--Nance & Tony *LDR CA--IL
M--Jamie & Kelly *LDR CA--MD
M--Gerry & Paula *LDR NY--ME
M--Debra & Steve *LDR NY--VT
M--CJ & Michael *LDR KY--AR
M--Maria & Sam *LDR both Canadians
M-- Mary & Michael *LDR IA-CT
M--Esther & Mario *LDR IND-CAN
M--Kathy & Michael *LDR RI--AL
M--Christine & Michael *LDR FL-PA
M--Melinda & Jolin *LDR SC-CT
M--Maria & Cowboy Chris *LDR MA-KS
M--Jeannine & Tim ---Both from CA
M--Nella & Tim *LDR ONT--OH
M--Michele & Hale *LDR NC--CA
M--Barbara and Joe *LDR IN--FL
M--Christen and Robert *LDR KS--IA
M--Danielle and DJ *LDR TX--MT
M--Adam and Michelle *LDR VT--CT
M--David and Cassandra *LDR WI--NE
M--Petrina and Bill *LDR CA--TN
M--Robert and Erin *LDR TN-KY
M--Derek and Leah *LDR WI-MN
M--Katie and Blaine *LDR KS-MN
M--Bryan and Emili *LDR KY-TN
M--Sally and Gene *LDR MA-SC
M--Bridgette and Adam *LDR NY--Jap ##
M--Carolaine and Richard *LDR PA--MT
M--Lisa and Marek *LDR OH--MI
M--Richard and Kara *LDR WI--MN
M--Ryan and Sandra *LDR OH--IN
M--Catherine and Brian *LDR TX--MA
M--Mary and John * LDR WY--PA
M--Kathy and Mike *LDR RI--AL
M--Corentino and Maria *LDR WI--CA
M--Shannon and Brian *LDR WA--VA
M--Rosemary and Mike *LDR Tasmania--NY
M--Steven and Carla *LDR OK--IA
M--Molly and Tom *LDR NY--MA
M--Nnendi and Maurice *LDR OK--WA
M--Kevin and Maria *LDR NY--WA DC
M--Andrea and Vince *LDR NJ- PA
M--Anne and Tony--*LDR FL--ID
M--Lisa and Jim *LDR ONT CAN--MN
M--Ryan and Althea *LDR PA--IL
M--Carmen and Tom *LDR NV--LAM---Laurie and Larry *LDR KS--VTM--Karla and Tom *LDR CA--VAM--Andrea and Brian *LDR TN--OHM--Colette and Tom-- *LDR PA--MO M--Annette and David *LDR CO--FLM--Patrick and Lilian *LDR WA--Africa (Nigeria)M--Donna and Larry *LDR IN--KYM--Rae and Patrick *LDR MN--WIM-- Meghan and Kevin *LDR MA--MN M--Jeannine & Tim (CA)M-Theresa and Alex (VA)
M--John & Annie (MI)
M--Bridget & Valdomar
M--David & Judith
M--Hope & Paul (LA) ##
M--Judy & Ben
M--Mima & Charles
M--Mary & AlanM--Rebecca & Eddie (TX)
M--Shawn & Shawn
M--Eli & Charles (AZ)
M--Helen & Jeremy
M--Colleen & Mike
M--Patti & Rob
M--Maria Therese & Ed
M--Theresa & Doug
M--John & Ali
M--Adrienne & Richard
M--Molly & Michael
M--Ron & Jen
M--Cecelia & Matt
M--Josh & Ann
M--Jim & Amanda
M--Darin & Molly
M--Bridget & Tom (KY)
M--Christopher & Marisol
M--Joe and Barbara (WI)
M--Scott and Vanessa
M--Mary and Joe (WI)
M--Kristin and Rick (VA)
M--Beata and Jim (NY)
M--Lindsey and Andrew (LA)
M--Barry and Amy (AZ)
M--Megan and Stephan (MD)
M--Jim and Judy (PA)
M--Rigoberto and Yesenia (NJ)
M--Lori and Larry (NJ)M--Beth and Mark (MI) M--Joan and Guy--(IL)

E--Ann Marie & Jason ?
E--Dave & Christine
E--Lisa & Tony both from MN E--Eve (CA) and Patrick (OK?)E--Amy (CA) and Brendan (CA) -E--Deanna and Joe * LDR KY-IN
E--Sarah and David PA
E--Laura and John IL
E--Neddie and Maurice-- *LDR OK--WA
E--Brandon and Stephanie--* LDR: NC--WV 
E--Brenda and Jeff--*LDR WA E--Michelle and Mal--*LDR VA--IRL
E--Bernard and Jessica--*LDR KY--SGP 
E--Mary Ellen and Tom-- PA 
E--Valerie and Brian *LDR CA--NM 
E--Melanie and Chips (Charles)-- FL
E--Brad and Tricia *LDR ME--ILE--Dan and Windi  from*VA
E--Greg and Missy--FL
E--Helena and Greg-- FLE--Anne and Sean-- *LDR AUS-MO 
wide eyed so this is the list Jerry mentioned in another forum hope You can add my name to it someday Donna.
Mar 5th 2014 new
(quote) Donna-83441 said: Every day gets better than the day before.. Having a great time!
Congratulations, Donna. Thanks for the list, and I see there are many LDRs. I believe distance should not be a deterrent, but I also know it takes time and patience to make it work. God bless.
Mar 6th 2014 new
I moved from Indianapolis to Louisville to marry my husband.. Not an exceptionally long LDR. I keep up with fromer CM'rs on Facebook and many are in marriages from here that took them around the world. No distance is too far..
Mar 6th 2014 new
congrats donna..
hopefully soon added to your list of success couple story from my country philippines smile so far haven't seen one from the list.. Praying
and the list only shows a lot of hope that there are still people willing to seek
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