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Aug 28th 2013 new
(quote) Roberta-1003485 said: Yes, same issue. Unable to download the text with "Please enter a value" error showing up.
Also, under Marital Status, it doesn't allow for Widow/Widower as an option.

Looks bad that I am "married" and interested in online dating, ha!

Please advise Staff Person!
If you haven't done so already, please submit a Help ticket for the quickest response.

Aug 28th 2013 new
thanks for the tip, Jerry. I did at your suggestion.
Sep 1st 2013 new
Very nicely put,
Nov 29th 2013 new
I can shake your hand on that one Peg...Never thought it would be like this.They begin to show interest and then they stray Just very subscription expires in April I just hope he gets better....
Dec 18th 2013 new

I have been reading a;; these tips on "Dating & SDingle Livong." Can not fit together what you are allm talking about. I have veen on this site about 3 months and have not scored on anyone I thought acceptable in my age perameters. I thionk the younger men are scared off by the age liwsting; the ones older, are well ---no where near my expectations to of a person I would consider communicating with. Maybe I am to dense.

I have tried to "Pursue" a partner of my likes, pretty much local, and not have any success. So, maybe I need help in that area. This is so new to me and I don't know what is acceptable and appropriate,

Dec 18th 2013 new

Peg, I wouldn't worry about only "2" matches. the ones I have received, and there have been many, have been so outlandish, I don't know who came up with them. On top of that, they are not within my geographical area. I can't believe how these matches are done, but my grandson could do better. Anyway, I am just as frustrated as you and my subscription runs until the end of March, 2014. I am really disheartened and ready to chuck it all. I am beginning to wonder if it is worthy of my effort and time. I have not been widowed that long and think I should stay out of this scene.

Good Luck to you.


Jan 16th 2014 new
I didnt know about the guide...seems to be useful.

Feb 21st 2014 new
Wow women reply only 16% of the time? Well that makes me feel a bit better... tongue
Mar 11th 2014 new
You are exceptionally pretty so that not the problem.
Mar 29th 2014 new
I like your approach
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