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Jul 24th 2014 new
(quote) Michael-986174 said: Julie I just signed up and it is a little intimidating. I just read my profile and I was not impressed. But who knows?

I wish we could all meet in a large room and talk together. Listing our age, height, preferences etc seems to ask us to judge before we know the person. I just know that traveling life's journey, not to mention a simple holiday in Ireland, is much more fulfilling with a loving partner.
very warm welcome to the Fora Michael wave smile
Aug 3rd 2014 new
I agree, starting up friendships is a great goal, and letting Providence take over from there, or, keeping a spirit of exploration.
Aug 5th 2014 new
(quote) Andrew-1040810 said: Patrick, you didn't waste your time for at each of those meetings and on all of those dates-without-a-second-date-or-meeting, you were unconsciously/subconsciously informing your heart, mind and soul about the soulmate you'll eventually find and marry. Remember, you're only looking for "the one" and there are thousands of wonderful women for you to consider. So many men and women get discouraged early on and begin telling themselves marriage was not meant for them when there are many passages in the Old and New Testament that illuminate the pathway to marriage. After years of living the single life, for various reasons, many grow accustomed to living alone and accept loneliness as a condition they must if it was some kind of providential test of their faith. Nothing could be further from the truth for when God saw that Adam was lonely, God made Adam a helpmate. Well, we have something Adam didn't have....the freedom to choose our own helpmate and thousands to choose from. So I salute you for taking your time to make one of the most important decisions you will ever make, for when you finally meet her you will have years of dating experiences to rely upon to recognize and choose her. I don't know if she'll accept your proposal, but I believe she's been searching for Patrick-in-Chicago for a long time.
What a lovely post :)
Aug 9th 2014 new

I have been using CM some times, and I could only find good good catholic friends, still are in touch since many years ago, so this is a good resource for good friends, vacations, meet other places, but long distance relationships are difficult for everyone.

Aug 17th 2014 new
Hi Renata,
I try to send a personal message when I like a guy's profile. I figure it is like real life in that, If I am interested by the way a guy carries himself, interacts with others, and the topics I hear him talk about, I would go up and say Hi. Saying hi is totally different than asking a guy on a date, so I think that rule applies here too.

It is a little different online, but I don't think it is chasing a guy down unless once you start talking you become the primary person setting up time to talk, meet, etc... After the initial contact, the guy should some some initiative in letting you know he is interested and wants to get to know you better.

Sep 16th 2014 new
The link is not working
Oct 10th 2014 new


I tried the website you recommended but it is not working.

Thank you for your help.


Oct 10th 2014 new
Apparently link has expired.
Oct 10th 2014 new
What I did was to search for "catholic dating guide" and viola.

If I have a daughter, then I will inform the wife to tell the daughter that a man that chases whenever he can will not stop with marriage. Observe when a man enters the group for the first time. What does he do? Does he only speak with the cool folks, or just the women? Observe him a few times over the weeks. I like to join a group and not think about dating, but have learned if you are not seeing someone by your second visit to a group than no dating for you. Also observe the man's eyesight. Is he a looker? Where does he look when the bombshell walks right pass his line of sight when he thinks no one is looking at him?
If a lady would flirt with me shortly after my gaze is unmoving in such a moment, then she has my full attention and my qualities will be shown much faster...and that carat ring I may buy her will be enhanced just because of that.
I thought women matured faster than us men? If so, then women would be the one initiating. So much bologna passed down from the media.
If the woman made the first move on me, then if I do not openly, quickly, and regularly show my interest than I expect her to bail at any time. Amen.
Oct 20th 2014 new
William is right, do a google search for "Catholic Dating Guide Catholic Match" and the guide will be one of the first page results.

I just wanted to say, I read it, and agree with most of it, but there is one thing that stuck out:

There is advice on how to pick a picture to post, and it asserts that a forward facing smiling
picture is the best way to go. While I definitely agree with the part on being as accurate as
possible, other studies I've seen contradict this advice, and in fact say that for men especially, a picture like this reduces contacts and message response rate.

Instead, the other studies say a picture in which you are focused on something else, and not smiling gets the best response. For what it's worth.

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