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May 17th 2014 new
(quote) Lesil-840134 said: If a post is removed from a violation because of a report of violation, will it not be proper to notify the poster and the reason why? I have had a post removed without understanding why.

Removing it altogether without having to notify the poster makes it appear that they have been judged before a trial.

Just my two cents.

Also, if there has been an "abuse of moderators", how do we deal with them?
Any complaints about a moderator acting in that capacity should be reported via a Help ticket. As with any other type of problem report, it would be most helpful to include a link to the post or topic in question to make it easier for the admins to locate it. If you don't know how to obtain a link, at least provide the exact name of the topic (not a paraphrase) and the name of the forum it is located in. If you are reporting a specific post, please include the data and time the post was entered, which can be displayed by hovering the mouse pointer over the date in the title line.

If the complaint is about a moderator posting as a regular user (which is the vast majority of their posts), then you may report your concern the same way you would for any other user: using the "Report Post" feature or via a Help ticket as described above. The Report Post feature automatically links to the post you were viewing when you clicked on the link, so it is not necessary to include the extra information requested above when you use this method.

If you have a question about why a post of yours was removed, you can ask one of the moderators or submit a Help ticket or Report Post. Do NOT ask in the forums, as any posts questioning moderation or disciplinary actions will be deleted. Please provide the information requested in the first paragraph above so the person responding can find the topic and post in question.

One thing to be aware of is that removing one post also removes the entire reply tree starting with that post: that is, all the direct replies to the removed post, all the replies to those replies, etc. This is not a matter of discretion -- it's the way the forum software works. For those viewing the forums in flat mode, which is most of the readers, this hierarchical relationship is not visible and they may not be aware of all the posts above them in the tree. Thus, not all posts removed are offensive.

One final note: when a post is removed it is because the content of that post violates one of the forum or site rules; it is not a judgement of the author. As with most other discussion forums I am aware of, there is no guarantee that a user will be notified when a post is removed,

Aug 28th 2014 new
wave Thank you I did not know all of that.
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