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Jun 24th 2014 new
(quote) Jessica-184610 said: Jessica-184610 and Toma-202552 (Engaged) LDR NY-PA
Congratulations to Jessica and Toma!!!!!
Jun 26th 2014 new
Thanks :-)
Jun 27th 2014 new
(quote) Jessica-184610 said: Jessica-184610 and Toma-202552 (Engaged) LDR NY-PA
may our blessed Mother Mary and God pour abundant blessing and graces on your sacramental marital convenant ........... congratulatons and wishing you both joy ..... rose hug Praying Dove theheart rosary Dove rose rose rose
Jul 1st 2014 new
Jessica-184610 and Toma-202552 (Engaged) LDR NY-PA
Jul 6th 2014 new
Congratulations to all. God bless you plenty!
Jul 7th 2014 new
Hey, Donna, I just got back to CM; looking to catch up with the old gang. And here you are, with all this excellent intel all in one place. Thank you, kindly!

I'm delighted to hear you've made your list too! Many blessings on you both. Tell
Jul 16th 2014 new
Praying heart rose Congratulations! YaY wave lovestruck! Blinded by love theheart
Aug 8th 2014 new
Just added a newly married CM success story to the list.. Nancy and Joe from Indiana.. hyper
Jan 20th 2015 new
The numbers keep growing.. lovestruck!
Apr 19th 2015 new
I hope this is the right forum to post this but I got engaged recently to a man I met through CM. We're both in Washington state but about 2 hrs apart. we're still sorting out the who is moving part (depends upon job situation)
Anna & Rich
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