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What site activities can I participate in?

CatholicMatch offers a number of activities, including the forums, Catholic trivia, Events, chat rooms, daily readings, and the CatholicMatch Institute Blog.

The Forums are a great place to engage in discussion on any number of topics from single life, sports, theology and more. All members can read the forums, however, an active subscription is required to post replies and begin new topics.

CatholicMatch Trivia allows you to test your Catholic knowledge, brush up on certain topics and see if you can make it onto the top score leaderboard. This feature is available to all members who have chosen to include a profile photo in their profile.

Events are hosted by fellow CatholicMatch members and can be anything from Mass and a meal to a full international vacation with fellow Catholics. Many members have found their matches by attending a CatholicMatch event, in addition to many lifelong faith-based friendships with fellow Catholics. An active subscription is not required to take part in CatholicMatch events.

The Chat Rooms are a place to engage in fast-paced conversation about any number of topics. Any subscribing member who has included a profile photo in their profile may participate in the chat rooms.

Daily Readings include passages, resources and questions to help in your devotional life. You can track your progress and help others by adding resources for upcoming days. This feature is available to anyone, regardless of account or subscription status.

The CatholicMatch Institute Blog provides resources, testimonials, and support to a number of topics that affect single Catholics. This feature is available to anyone, regardless of account or subscription status.

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Chat Rooms: How can I participate in the chat rooms?

The chat rooms are a great place to connect with multiple members in a fast-paced environment.

  • SelectChat Rooms from the More menu at the top of your page.
  • Select Chat Now next to the room you wish to join.
  • Type your comments in the box at the bottom left and select "Send".

A current subscription, a recent version of Adobe Flash Player, and a profile photo are required to use the chat rooms.

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Chat Rooms: Where can I find the chat room rules?

If you have already agreed to the chat room rules, they will no longer appear each time that you attempt to access the chat rooms. If you'd like to revisit the rules at any time, they can be found by selecting, "Chat Room Rules" in the header of the chat room page or by selecting the following link:

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Chat Rooms: If a member is being offensive in the chat rooms, what should I do?

The Chat Rooms are meant to be self-policing. To report a member:

  • Select the member's name or profile photo from the chat room roster.
  • Select "Report User" from the list of options
  • A report will automatically be sent to customer support noting the time and place where the conduct had occurred.

Reports of activity in the chat rooms are reviewed during business hours. After a number of reports against the same person he or she will be automatically kicked out of the chat room, however, if they have not yet reached this limit you can block the member's messages from appearing on your screen.


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Trivia: How does CatholicMatch trivia work?

Our hope is that Catholic Trivia will allow single Catholics to increase their knowledge of the Catholic faith while allowing for some friendly competition. Each member can answer up to 40 questions each week beginning on Monday. Categories include church history, vocabulary, faith & morals, Saints, the Vatican and much more.

To participate in trivia:
  • Select Trivia from the More menu located in the blue menu bar at the top of the website 
  • Select Play Trivia Now
  • After reviewing the details, select Begin Test
  • When you select a response, it will automatically register

Your own ranking, in addition to the 99 highest scoring members can be found by visiting the leaderboard.
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Trivia: What should I do if I notice a problem with a trivia question or answer?

If you notice an error in either a trivia question or answer, the quickest way to have the information corrected is to use the link provided directly on the answer page, included with the text "To report a problem with this question, click here". If you have any supporting documents or information, we request that you include this information in your report.

If you are no longer on the appropriate page, please contact customer support, making sure to include as much information about the question and response as possible to allow us to locate the appropriate question to make any necessary corrections.
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Temperaments: What are Temperaments?

The four temperaments were originally proposed by Hippocrates (the father of medical science) 350 years before the birth of Christ, to explain differences in personalities, based on the predominant bodily fluid; hence the rather unappealing names: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic. Even today these same terms are used to describe temperament, by which we mean an individuals tendency to react in a certain way throughout their life, forming an identifiable pattern.

  • Cholerics tend to react quickly and intensely, and to take action immediately and decisively.
  • The sanguine is your classic people person, known for their warmth, enthusiasm, and cheerful optimism.
  • The melancholic is deeply thoughtful and analytic, slow to respond, skeptical, sensitive, and idealistic.
  • The phlegmatic is usually a peace-maker, slow to react, calm, cooperative, and reserved.

To learn more about temperaments and how they can benefit your search for a match, click here
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Events: How can I take part in a CatholicMatch event?

You can indicate interest in an event by selecting any of the options included in the RSVP for this Event menu located above the guestlist.

If you have questions about any event, please contact the event coordinator listed at the top of the event, as CatholicMatch is not involved in the planning or running of events.

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Events: How can I host a CM event?

All CatholicMatch Events are created by, organized by, and run by fellow CatholicMatch members and are a great way to connect with other single Catholics in your area.

Events are generally either a destination weekend, trip, a planned event, or a meeting scheduled around an existing event such as a concert, ballgame, or festival. For ideas, you can view our event archive. For weekend trips or any event that may require an overnight stay, we recommend reviewing the event planning guide to ensure that you are fully prepared.

Once you have all of the details planned and are ready to announce your event, Submit your CM Event!

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for your event to be reviewed by a staff member before your even will appear on the events page.
  • Make sure to submit your event as soon as possible to ensure the highest possible attendance.
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Events: What can I do if there are no events near my area?

Since all CatholicMatch events are hosted by CatholicMatch members, the best way to have an event in your area is to host one yourself. If you do not feel driven to do so, posting in the Member Meet-Ups forum is a great place to find others in your area who may be willing to do the legwork to put one together.

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How can I advertise on CatholicMatch? is one of the most visited Catholic websites in the world. It serves over seven million page views and adds roughly 10,000 new Catholic users each month. In addition, the average user spends approximately 15 minutes per visit. This is important because it allows advertisers to experience both growth and branding, a potent combination for any advertising campaign, making CatholicMatch's audience and service unique.

To learn more about advertising with CatholicMatch, please visit the Advertising Information Page

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