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Does CatholicMatch have a mobile app?

CatholicMatch uses a responsive design layout. This means that the site detects the type of device that you are using and automatically adjusts itself to fit on your screen, whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer any time you access the site from a browser. If you would like your phone to include an app-style icon for easy access to the website, please feel free to save the CatholicMatch home page as a bookmark using your smartphone's instructions.

For a more technical explanation of a responsive design layout please see: A Tech Geek's Explanation of Responsive Design
Or, to better understand why CatholicMatch has chosen this responsive design layout, see: CatholicMatch Launches Device Friendly Website
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What should I do if I notice an offensive advertisement?

Advertisements on CatholicMatch are served by Google Adsense. To keep inappropriate advertisements as sparse as possible, we do use the strictest filters that Google allows, however, from time to time companies do not categorize their advertisements appropriately causing them to appear on the site despite our content filters.

If you encounter an inappropriate advertisement, our staff is very happy to remove it right away. To facilitate the removal of an advertisement, please contact us by help ticket and provide as much information as possible, including a description of the ad, the website or product being advertised, and the advertisement's URL, if possible.

Content that would meet the standards for removal include, but are not limited to: nudity or otherwise immodest dress, promotion of anti-Catholic ideas and behaviors, vulgarity, and generally distasteful images.

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What browsers are compatible with CatholicMatch?

To put it simply, CatholicMatch requires a recent version of a "Grade-A" browser and if you'd like to use the chat rooms, you will also need a recent version of Adobe Flash Player.
  • Internet Explorer 9 +
  • Mozilla Firefox 16 +
  • Safari 5.0 +
  • Google Chrome
  • Android 4.1 +
  • iPhone 4 +
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Why does it fail when I attempt to upload my photo?

Since including photos in your profile is such an important part in maximizing your chances of finding success, our staff is happy to do anything that we can to make sure that we can help you to get some photos into your profile. Below are the most common reasons why photos may not upload as they should and how to resove these problems. If you continue to have difficulty, please send a help ticket and our staff would be happy to provide alternate offsite means of sending yoru photos to us.

  • Are you using a mobile device made by Apple, such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod?
    • Due to Apple's restrictions, many older devices may be blocked from uploading photos to websites directly from the device. If you can use a regular computer to upload your photos, we recommend doing so. If this is the case, we recommend updating your version of iOS or if this is not an option, send a help ticket and we will be happy to provide an alternative method to upload your photos.
  • Is your photo saved in an accepted web format?
    • By viewing the "detailed" view of your photo, you will be able to see the filetype. If your photo is not saved in an acceptable photo format (JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF), it will not successfully upload to the site. To update your filetype, open the file in any common photo editing program (such as Microsoft Paint) and choose the option to "Save as" or "export", then choose ".jpg" or "JPEG" from the filetype menu before resaving the photo.
  • Are there any non-ascii characters in your filename?
    • Your filename should contain only letters and numbers, with the exception of a single period to separate the filename and file extension. Example: Photo.jpg Photo01.jpg
  • Does your photo meet the specified size requirements?
    • To allow images to be clearly seen on the website, photos must be at least 200 x 200 pixels in size and the file may not be in excess of 8 megabytes. Photos can be made smaller in many photo editing programs, however, photos cannot be enlarged without severely compromising the quality of the photo. If you would like further assistance with photo sizes, please contact customer support.

If you continue to have difficulty after ruling out the above options, please submit a help ticket and be sure to let us know which step in the photo upload instructions you were not able to complete and describe exactly what happened to prevent you from completing that step, including any error messages.

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Why am I being directed somewhere other than my homepage when I sign in?

Once you enter your login credentials, you will be directed to the page that matches the bookmark or link that you used to reach the site. For example, if the link that you select is a link to the forums, you will be directed to the forums after signing in; if the link that you use belongs to another member's profile, you will be brought to that member's profile after signing in.

If you'd like to make sure that you go to your home page after signing in, please make sure that you manually enter into your address bar or that the link or bookmark that you use to access the site does not include any text after .com in the web address.

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Why did my punctuation disappear from my communication or profile?

Microsoft-based programs use a different font-set than most web programs. To avoid losing punctuation and other characters, please type your text directly into the text box provided on the site or use a word processor that is not made by Microsoft, such as Notepad or Wordpad.

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Why am I unable to see other member's photos?

If you cannot see member's photos, you may have inadvertently blocked images from appearing. This can be updated in your browser settings.

To resolve this problem, make sure to allow images on CatholicMatch using your browser's settings. If you do not know how to do so, please search your browser manufacturer's website for "Unblock Images" or by select the link below that corresponds to your browser type. 

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

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Why am I prompted to sign in on every page?

If you find that you are asked to sign back into your account frequently, this could mean that cookies are not enabled on your browser, you cleared your cookies while browsing the site, or that something is interfering with your browser's ability to save cookies onto your computer.

To explain, cookies are temporary files that are saved by any website that requires a login until you close out of your browser. These small files let the website know that you are signed into your account any time you change pages on the site. Without these cookies, the website will treat you as a completely new visitor since there is nothing in your browser to let the site know that you have visited before.

To resolve this problem, you will need to make sure that cookies are enabled for For instructions, select the link below that corresponds to your browser type.

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

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What are the technical requirements to use the chat rooms?

To use the chat rooms, one must have a current profile photo, an active subscription, and a device with a recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

Once you have tried the above mentioned troubleshooting tips, if you are still unable to access the chat rooms please submit a help ticket, making sure to include the type of device and browser that you are using, in addition to the version of Adobe Flash Player installed.
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