Nothing but Friendship?


"…in front of a painting of the marriage of Joseph and Mary, he got down on one knee and proposed."

My family definitely owes some thanks to the modern advancement of the internet. A few years ago my sister met her future husband in a Catholic chat room. They are still very happily married with two beautiful sons. It was never my intention to follow my sisters footsteps in the selection of my own husband, but I dont proclaim to know the best path for my life. It all became a little clearer when my best friend moved to Kentucky to pursue a Masters in religious studies, and she joined this site for the purposes of meeting and making good friends in her new town. I joined the site with her as a way for us to do something fun together. We spent hours online, browsing profiles and talking about Catholic issues with people hundreds of miles away.

In March of 2003 a man from Oregon sent me an email. Being from Louisiana, I had no qualms about writing him back because I knew (just KNEW) that nothing but a friendship could spring from correspondence with a man who lived 2600 miles away. Somehow the correspondence became more frequent and more intriguing. The first time we talked on the phone, I knew that I had found someone very much like me that I could relate to and laugh with. After a month and a half of communicating, Sean decided that he had to meet me to resolve this thing one way or another. He made plans to fly down for a week in June. We reassured each other over and over that we were meeting each other as friends in order to keep the pressure to a minimum. By the end of the week, however, we knew that the stirring in our hearts couldnt be ignored. Our relationship continued to grow and we fell more in love with each with each visit.

Since October, we have been blessed enough to be able to make visits to each other on an average of every 3 weeks. On Christmas Eve while in Louisiana, (right after he asked and received my parents blessing), we went to Mass at the local Benedictine monastery, and afterwards he took me into a side room of the church, and in front of a painting of the marriage of Joseph and Mary, he got down on one knee and proposed. We are getting married July 17th this year in a little church in the woods, and afterwards I will move to Oregon to live with him. God has led me to the beginning of an amazing journey, and I couldnt imagine a more caring, gentle, loving man to share the adventure with. We would like to thank St. Raphael for his intercession in the unique way we have been brought together. Good luck to all in their search for companionship.



  1. Eleanor-465110 January 9, 2014 Reply

    Such a beautiful & inspiring storing. I have been praying for God’s will in my journey also; in a few weeks I will have been a widow for 8 & 1/2 years.

  2. Mariana-832850 September 26, 2013 Reply

    Just God’s will

  3. Hugo-1011404 September 25, 2013 Reply

    Beautiful story

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