Putting Pieces in Place


"Much to my surprise and delight, I was talking to Minh within days…"

When I first purchased my full membership, I paid for a full year. I knew that it could take quite a while before finding my future wife (even if God chose to use StRaphael.net for that purpose).

Much to my surprise and delight, I was talking to Minh within days (she registered about the same time!)

Since we were, initially, on opposite sides of California, it was some time before we could meet in person, but God already had that plan in place. Before I even learned of St. Raphael.net, my grandmother gave me a set of china with the condition that i had to come to get it; I was planning a "road trip" for the retrieval and was going to stop in Minh's city to visit other friends, one of whom was discerning religious life. I had planned far too much time, however, and wondered how I would fill it (remember, these plans were all in place before even hearing of StRaphael.net).

When I told Minh of my trip, we started planning out my visit. Blessing of blessings, she knew of a parish with 24-hour adoration so that is where we arranged to meet.

I completed my trip (with an out-of-the-way return just to see her again) and we talked on the phone or saw each other nearly every day since.

A recent job change for me enabled me to move close to her and we are now engaged to be married May 29, 2004.



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